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Very nice

Hi, the item arrived in order, very nice, thanks for everything

A.F (Italy)

Very nice cameras

Arrived safely. Very nice cameras, especially the Bergheil.

E.V. (Belgium)

Everything was perfect

The items have arrived. Everything was perfect. Thank you very much.

D.C. (Italy)

Delighted with both

Just a quick note to say thanks, my case and shutter delay arrived this morning. Delighted with both.

I.P. (UK)

Very happy

I was very happy to receive the 280 Telyt, and I want to thank you for that additional m42 adapter!

R.E. (Finland)


BOOWU-M received and excellent it is too. Looking forward to using it.

J E. (UK)

Really pleased

Thank you very much for the prompt delivery. I am really pleased with all the items, all seems better than the description. Also, they were so beautifully packaged with care. I will be looking more at your website in the coming weeks and months. 

K.H. (UK)

I will happily buy from you again

Just a quick note to say that the latest Gandolfi arrived safely and is as good as anticipated. Really well packed and in great condition (given that is has obviously seen some careful use). This is the second Gandolfi I’ve bought from you and if you get more in let me know as I will happily buy from you again. 

P.K. (UK)

It’s a beauty!

Lens arrived and it’s a beauty! Very much looking forward to using it on my M2 which I also bought from you! 

A.M. (UK)

Very pleased

Good afternoon Peter, Goods received, very pleased. Thanks again. 

S.M. (UK)


The transfer has come through. Many thanks again for your rapid action, and for the “good home” for the collection. We could not have hoped for a better solution. I do hope the sales will turn out to your satisfaction, possibly leading to renewed interest in Voigtlander. On behalf of my family, once again our grateful thanks. 

C.t.B (Belgium)

Exactly as described

Hello Peter, the Voigtlander Bessa 466 arrived safely in Australia, exactly as described. Thanks so much, and I will credit you when I publish the article about the camera. 

C.M. (Australia)

It’s great

The Noct arrived safe and sound; thanks. I’ve had 3 of these lenses in the past, including a boxed one, and foolishly let them go. But this one is truly superb, both in condition and optically.

I’ve tested it on a Z6, and a Leica SL with a Novoflex. It’s great.

J.C. (UK)

Very happy

I just want to say I was very happy to receive the pre-war Biogon. Such a beautiful lens and in pristine condition! 

R.E. (Finland)


Hi Peter, Excellent. Many thanks for a top notch service. 

C.T. (UK)


Apologies for the delay - just confirming that everything arrived this morning… all perfect, thank you very much! 

N.M (UK)

Lovely condition

The 'Contatest' arrived safely yesterday and is in lovely condition. Thank you! 

M.v.D. (Japan)

Truly beyond my expectations

9cm Elmar f4 safely received this am, and it is well and truly beyond my expectations. 

R.D. (UK)

I am delighted

Dear Mr Loy, just a note to thank you for the very prompt delivery of my SBLOO that I ordered yesterday! I am delighted with it. 

R.C. (UK)

Great service

Just a quick note to say how happy I am with the lens, great condition and arrived so quickly. Looking forward to using it on the iiif, Great service. 

A.T. (UK)

Regards from a happy customer

Package arrived quite soon, thank you! Adapter fits perfectly on both lenses which allows me to use them for printing as well as on a M39 bellow for macro purposes. regards from a happy customer. 

P.H. (The Netherlands)

Am delighted

Just to confirm that my camera arrived safely this morning. Many thanks. Am delighted with it. 

I.P. (UK)

Items are great, as always

Your parcel arrived this morning and both items are great, as always. To me, the lens is mint! 

N.C. (UK)

Received in nice condition

I received the Voigtlander Metall-Klappkamera today, in nice condition. Thank you, beautiful camera. 

J.P. (Portugal)


Lens /case received ,fantastic! 

I.B. (UK)

Very pleased

Very pleased with the lens hood – many thanks! 

H.B. (UK)

Very pleased

Hi, the lenses arrived safely today thanks, very pleased with them. 

N.C. (UK)

Items are perfect

The package arrived today.

The items are perfect, as always. Thank you very much.

D.C (Italy)

Very nice condition

Beins arrived yesterday ! Very nice condition. Thank you very much. 

J-P.D. (France)

Again, exceptional

Again, exceptional, totally delighted…! Million thanks. 

R.R. (UK)

I am delighted

Thank you very much for the speedy delivery of the camera I bought the other day. Greatly appreciated. I am delighted with the camera apart from one thing; having now received it I find that it is in such beautiful condition I am now slightly reluctant to actually use it!... Joking apart I really just wanted to thank you once again. I'm sure I will overcome my reluctance and give it a (respectful) work-out as originally planned. 

P.C. (UK)

A wonderful book

Just a small mail to say thank you for selling and shipping the Lars Nipotil book to me, all went fine, a wonderful book, a little bit heavy, though but I will try to carry it with the help of two friends towards my book shelf. 

R.G. (France)

It's in lovely condition!

The Fuji camera arrived yesterday afternoon and it's in lovely condition! I look forward to putting a roll of film through it over the weekend. Many thanks again for your help with getting this camera to me. They don't often come up for sale! 

N.C. (UK)

I am very pleased

The Perkeo has arrived, too – and once more I am very pleased; I am looking forward to purchasing again from you! 

J.S. (Germany)

I am more than happy with my purchase

Just a quick note of thanks for your great service supplying a quality item. I am more than happy with my purchase and hope to do business with you again in the future. 

C.R. (UK)

Must say I think it is superb

The camera arrived safely, thanks. Must say I think it is superb, and your description was very modest! It amazes me that a 1936 camera can look so good and operate so smoothly. Wouldn't it be fascinating to know who the first owner was and it's history. Thanks again, and look forward to next time ( a IIIa in similar condition I hope). 

K.W. (UK)

I'm very satisfied

The package arrived today. Very well packed! I'm very satisfied. Thank you so much!

M.B. (UK)

Very pleased with its condition

Camera arrived this morning as predicted and safely packed. Very pleased with its condition thanks. 

D.H. (UK)

It's perfect

Just to let you know, the finder mask arrived today. It's perfect, thanks! 

I.B. (UK)

Many thanks for your excellent service

This arrived amazingly the next day (Saturday)… Its an amazing camera and I'm better condition than expected. I hope to get my head around the workings and get it used in the spring. Many thanks for your excellent service. 

B.M. (UK)

Very happy with my purchases

Just wanted to say the camera etc arrived yesterday. Very happy with my purchases and will definitely keep an eye on your stock list for other items. 

D.D. (UK)

I thank you sincerely for your superlative and friendly service

The order of the Leica 111f body, case and operators manual arrived today safe and sound.

Everything is no less than I expected ( given your outstanding reputation) and even better than I hope for. I look forward to placing further orders in the future and I thank you sincerely for your superlative and friendly service. There are many who could benefit if they took up your business model of conservative quality gradings and superlative service.

R.K. (Australia)

Much appreciate for your services

I have to say thanks for your parcels that I received in the weekend. The IIIg and the IROOA are superb. The Nikon S3 is nice, a bit better than expected. Thanks for your honest grading that is on customers' point of view. The DIREK came with some extra instructions are great help indeed for it was an old age accessory in the 30's. Much appreciate for your services. 

L.K.H. (Hong Kong)

The lens quality far exceeded your description

Hi Peter. The lens arrived safely over the weekend. Beautiful lens. As with any purchase I make from you, the lens quality far exceeded your description. 

M.S. (USA)

Very luvly

The Nikon F arrived this morning as you predicted. Paint is remarkable.... Very luvly, thanks. 

J.E. (UK)

Much better than expected

Hi The lens I purchased from you has been tested on my Leica digital and film camera and has given excellent sharp results Optics are much better than expected. 

R.C. (UK)

I’m absolutely delighted!

I put a roll of film through the L2 with the newly arrived 28/2.8 Canon ltm. Results are excellent. I can’t actually see the minor haze at all - only small amount of dust. Lens performance is better than I’d expected. Heavy vignetting wide open but good central sharpness. Edge sharpness good enough by f4 . Corners never fully sharpen . By 5.6 excellent across frame sharpness, modest contrast with some barrel distortion. So I’m absolutely delighted! I really appreciate you including the battle scarred Canon lens cap. 

A.C. (UK)

Many thanks for careful packing

The parcel has arrived safely. Many thanks for careful packing. Two items are nice condition. I feel your condition rating is accurate and truth. I hope to deal again near the future. 

A.W. (Japan)

It’s perfect thank you for the excellent service

Just letting you know it arrived, it’s perfect thank you for the excellent service. 

K.C. (UK)

Thanks for your super service

The camera arrived safe and sound yesterday. Just wanted to email you my confirmation and thanks for your super service (again). 

C.R. (UK)

Peter, it has been a pleasure working with you on this purchase

Hope you are doing well, our lenses arrived in perfect condition thanks to your careful packaging. Patrick was pleasantly surprised to receive the caps and the strap. He is particularly thrilled to get the Russian cap. He has a love of German and Russian cameras and binoculars from the WWII era. His new lenses are just what he needed for his 1938 Leica. Peter, it has been a pleasure working with you on this purchase, we hope to be able to shop with you again in the near future. 

B.M. (USA)

Many thanks for the excellent service

Many thanks for the excellent service, camera arrived safely today, and I notice a spare film spool, already loaded in the camera, much appreciated. 

W.J. (UK)

Items are almost pristine

Everything arrived this morning, delivered directly at my door this time, and in perfect condition. Items are almost pristine (you are severe with your notation!), and of course, I will enjoy a sunny weather in Paris to make some photos with them. Thanks a lot. 

O.M. (France)

Thank you for sending the camera so promptly

Thank you for sending the camera so promptly – it arrived this morning. Its a fine example of its type with which I am well pleased. 

A.M. (UK)

Thank you for your excellent service

Just to say thank you for your excellent service - I'm delighted with the lens and hood - easy ordering, fast delivery, good price and better than expected. I hope to order from you again in the future. 

R.C. (UK)

I am delighted with the purchase

Thank you for sending the Leica camera and lens which I purchased from you yesterday. I am very pleased to say that it arrived a few minutes ago - carefully packed and in the condition so accurately described on your website. A very professional service indeed. I am delighted with the purchase - a delightfully indulgent Christmas present to myself! 

J.J. (UK)

Just perfect

Re 1939 Zeiss Contax booklet. Peter, Arrived safely today, just perfect. 

A.v.T (UK)

Always impeccable service!

Always impeccable service! The Watkins Bee Meter arrived Monday afternoon. It is dead gorgeous. 

B.M. (Canada)

You’ve always got high praise from my friends

Thank you very much, the camera arrived safely first thing this morning. And it’s beautiful and I’m very happy with it! You’ve always got high praise from my friends on the Leica Forum so was excited to see you had a Nikon SP in stock. I’m not a collector as such (although I’ve got enough Leica’s to open a museum) , but I wanted an SP to go alongside my 1959 Nikon F and had been searching for the right one for a while, and they don’t come up often. 

S.B. (UK)

Well pleased with purchase

Thank you Peter .Received this morning , excellent service from you as usual. Lens in excellent condition, Well pleased with purchase. 

A.N. (UK)

Thank you for the excellent service

The camera arrived on Saturday and it looks great, exactly as described. Haven't had chance to run anything through it yet but very happy so far! Thank you for the excellent service. 

S.C. (UK)

It’s in amazing condition

Thanks for the F2 which arrived today. I must say that I’m not sure it’s ever had a film through it, it’s in amazing condition! 

D.W. (UK)

Looks beautiful

Lens arrived next day, looks beautiful. 

T.C. (UK)

It is great

Just to say that the camera arrived yesterday safely and very well packed. Thank you very much, it is great and I plan to give it a good use. 

J.T. (UK)

Very happy I found your site

Many thanks for delivery of this superb case, fits my iiib like a dream. Very happy I found your site. 

G.W. (UK)

Thank you very much for your excellent customer service

I spoke to you on Monday morning and ordered by telephone a Canon lens hood for the 50mm f1.8 lens. It arrived first thing this morning in the post. It was well packed and the item is perfect. Thank you very much for your excellent customer service. I will save your website details for potential future purchases. 

A.D. (UK)

Thank you for a first class service

Received my snapshot skopar this morning and just wanted to say thank you for a first class service and the lens / finder is spot on. 

G.S. (UK)

Quick thanks for the fabulous lens you sent me

Just a quick thanks for the fabulous lens you sent me. It's much nicer than expected, not to mention bigger and heavier! But what a beauty.

I.B. (UK)