Previously Sold

Listed below is a selection of previously sold items. Many of these items never appeared on our stock list page as we already had a buyer waiting. We are always interested in purchasing similar items or your entire collection. For current stock list click here.

A & N Auxiliary C.S. Ltd
(Army & Navy Co-Operative Society, Francis Street, London S.W.) whole-plate brass-bound tailboard + A & N Auxiliary '8 1/2 x 6 1/2' R.R. EQ. FOC. 11.31in. lens. Superb condition, top quality camera with original matching lens.
Adams Idento, qtr. plate,
9in. f6.3 Zeiss Patent + Adams film pack adapter, 3 plate holders & Adams outfit case. Rare, finely made camera with unusual design features
Adams Tropical Minex
8x10. Extremely rare 10x8 version - completely unknown in this size.
Adams Tropical Minex,
5x4, Ross 7 1/4 in. f4.5 Xpres + original case. Beautifully made tropical camera in polished teak with brown bellows & focusing hood
Adams Yale No.2 Detective
camera, T.T.H Cooke 4 1/4 x 3 1/4 Series III, 5.07in. Very early version of this rare camera - serial number 26
A.G.I. S/A Camera Mk.II,
Hall Bros. '4.2' f4.5 lens with Hall Bros. yellow filter + wooden pistol-grip. Adapted for reflex viewing but retains eye-level finder. Also known as the ARL, this is the rare precursor of the Agiflex. The Hall Bros. lens is correct for this model - Hall Bros. were a subsidiary of A.G.I.
A.G.I. Agifold III
('New' Agifold), lever wind with frame counter. 'According to one of the Agilux employees interviewed, about 20 Agifold IIIs were fitted with a frame counter... did this model ever exist for sale? If so it must be very rare indeed'. Frank Porritt, Photographica World (No.111, 2005). This is the only one we've seen.
Agfa Automatic 66,
75mm f3.5 Color-Solinar, coupled-rangefinder, built-in meter. The first camera with aperture priority automatic exposure. Full working order, serviced & guaranteed
(WZFO, Warsaw), red, 45mm f4.5 Euktar + case. Unusual design - 35mm camera available in several colours. c.1960's. The Alfa is less common than the later (c.1963) Alfa-2.
(WZFO, Warsaw), light-blue, 45mm f4.5 Emitar + case. Updated version of Alfa with several minor modifications. c.1963/4
(W.Allen, Maidenhead, England) 'Ideal Field Camera', whole-plate + Perken, Son & Co. Wide-Angle '9X7' Euryscope + 3 plate holders. Camera has no name but it is identical to the 'Ideal Field Camera' pictured in W. Allen's advert in the 1910 BJP. The plate holders are marked W. Allen
Almaz 103
+ 50mm f1.8 Volna + case & instructions. Unusual Russian camera with removable prism 'inspired' by the Nikon F2 and the Minolta XE series and with a Pentax bayonet mount. 'As a rule, the 102's don't work very well, and the 103's not for very long...If by some miracle it works well today, watch out for tomorrow and the next day' Jean Loup Princelle, Made in USSR - The Authentic Guide to Russian & Soviet Cameras (2nd edition 2004)
Alpa Reflex
(Series E) + Angenieux 5cm f2.9 Alepar + lens hood. Only 3209 of this model were manufactured. c.1948/49
Alpa Prisma Reflex
+ Angenieux 5cm f1.8 Alitar. Rare - only 630 manufactured. c.1951
Alpa 4 + 50mm f1.8 Kern Switar
+ cap, hood & box. Rare model - only 291 manufactured. c.1958
Alpa 4b body.
Very rare model - only approximately 79 manufactured. c.1965
Alpa Alnea Mod.5
+ 50mm f1.8 Kern-Switar + hood & case. Rare model - only 2044 manufactured. c.1955
Alpa Alnea Mod. 5a
+ 50mm f1.8 Kern-Switar + hood, cap & case. Very rare model - only 137 Alpa Mod. 5a cameras were manufactured. c.1955
Alpa 6, lever-wind
+ 50mm f1.8 Kern-Switar + cap, case, instructions & box. Rare - only 2,575 manufactured - and hard to find with original box. c.1958
Alpa 6b
+ t50mm f1.8 Kern-Macro-Switar. Rare - only 2042 manufactured. c.1958
Alpa 6c
+ 50mm f1.8 Macro-Switar + case. Only 3,342 in standard finish were manufactured. c.1964
Alpa 7
+ 50mm f1.9 Alpa-Xenon. Unusual camera with both coupled rangefinder & reflex focusing. c.1955. Rare - only 3702 manufactured. The lens is also rare - less than 1600 were manufactured in Alpa mount and this figure includes the more common black version.
Alpa Alnea Mod. 7 converted to 8b
+ 50mm f1.8 Kern-Switar + cap, instructions & box. c.1956 Rare conversion with rare original 'Alnea' box
Alpa 7b body
+ cap. One of the rarest Alpa models. Only 68 (possibly 64) were manufactured. c.1959
Alpa 8
+ 50mm f1.8 Kern-Switar. Very rare - only 263 manufactured. c.1957
Alpa 8b body.
Rare - only 424 chrome 8b cameras were manufactured. c.1960
Alpa 9d, black
+ 50mm f1.8 Kern-Macro-Switar, black. Rare - only 665 black 9d cameras and only 1146 black f1.8 Kern-Macro-Switar lenses were manufactured. c.1964.
Alpa 9d, chrome
+ 50mm f1.8 Kern-Macro-Switar + cap & case. From a c.1968 batch numbered 52303-52400. Only 4332 chrome Alpa 9d cameras were manufactured. Very hard to find in this condition
Alpa 9f + 50mm f1.8 Kern-Switar
+ hood, cap, case, instructions, 3x Alpa catalogues & original invoice dated August 8th 1965. Only 174 manufactured. c.1965
Alpa 10d, chrome
+ 50mm f1.8 Macro-Switar, boxed. c.1974. Only 3046 chrome 10d cameras were manufactured
Alpa 10d body, black
+ cap & case & box. Serviced & guaranteed. c.1970. Only 946 black 10d cameras were manufactured
Alpa 10s body (grey)
+ box. Very rare - only 88 full-frame 10s cameras were manufactured - and with original box. c.1972
Alpa 10s body (half-frame).
Very rare - only 102 half-frame 10s cameras were manufactured
Alpa 11e body, chrome
+ box. Rare - only 813 chrome 11e cameras were manufactured - and with original box. c.1971
Alpa 11el
+ 50mm f1.8 Macro-Switar + case & instructions. Rare - only 548 manufactured.
Alpa 11P body
+ box with matching number. Very rare Alpa with interchangeable finders (fitted with a Miranda waist level finder), effectively a prototype as possibly only 2 were manufactured. Lothar Thewes in 'Alpa Always Different from the Rest' (2003) lists serial numbers 56984 + 56998 (this one). Alfred Columberg in 'Alpa - A Swiss Photo-Camera' (2004) lists numbers 56984 + 56984a, 56998 (this one) + 56998a & 56998b so it's possible 5 cameras were manufactured. c.1974
Alpa 11s
+ 50mm f1.9 Kern-Macro-Switar + hood & cap. Very rare - only 29 full-frame (+ 5 half-frame) 11s cameras were manufactured. c.1976
Alpa 11si, black
+ 50mm f1.9 Kern-Macro-Switar + hood, box & instructions. c.1978. Rare - less than 1200 Alpa 11si cameras were manufactured and only 631 in black/wrinkle-lacquered finish.
Alpa 11si body, black-chrome.
The last Alpa model, c.1976-1989. Serviced & guaranteed. Less than 1200 were manufactured in total. This is the very rare black-chrome version (most of the black IIsi cameras have black-crackle finish). The serial number - 48380 - was used out of sequence and is missing from the factory records published by Lothar Thewes, Shigeo Toyota & Alfred Columberg
Alpa 11si Gold
+ matching 50mm f1.9 Macro-Switar + cap. Rare - 750 planned but only 160 manufactured. c.1981
Alpa (Kinoptik, Paris) 100mm f2 Apochromat,
early pre-set version + hood & caps. Serviced & guaranteed. Very rare - only 245 of these lenses were manufactured
Alpa fit Kinoptik 100mm f2 Apochromat,
auto + UV filter, caps, box with matching number, PARSO/72306 hood (boxed) + outer box for lens & hood, also with matching number. Rare - only 750 manufactured. We have buyers waiting for these lenses. Please let us know if you have one for sale
Alpa fit Kinoptik 150mm f2.8 Apochromat
(auto) + UV filter, caps & box with matching serial number. Very rare lens - only 325 manufactured
Alpa Si3000 body + Auto Alpa Winder.
'Total Production Quantity: A Few Hundred... An OEM model based on the Chinon CE-4. Since the distribution of this model was so much smaller than Si2000, ALPA's first OEM model, it is unknown how many of them were actually sold in the market.' Shigeo Toyota, Alpa Complete Collector's Guide (English edition 2004)
Alsaphot Cyclope,
105mm f4.5 Boyer Saphir, Prontor II + case. 120 camera with unusual design that uses mirrors to make a compact body without bellows. Rare & unusual. Intro c.1950
Angenieux 50mm f0.95 Type M1,
50mm mount + removable c-mount adapter. Can be adapted for use on 35mm & digital. Rare lens - much rarer than the Canon 50mm f0.95. c.1971
Angenieux 75mm f1.8 Type S6
+ caps + box with matching number. c.1976. Almost as new. We have buyers waiting for these and similar lenses - please let us know if you have one for sale
Arco 35-J,
5cm f3.5 Colinar, Seikosha-MX, c.r.f. + rare View-Arco twin lens reflex attachment (with box & case)
Asahiflex IIB + 50mm f3.5 Takumar
+ cap, box & instructions. Full working order, near mint condition & with rare original box. The best Asahiflex we have seen
Asahiflex IIB (Mod. II, with slow speed dial patch) + rare Simor 35mm f3.5
, engraved on rear mount 'for Asahiflex IIA IIB'. We have never sold a Simor lens before and it's not mentioned in 'Asahiflex and the pre-1959 Asahi Pentax Cameras' (F. Sherfy, 1994). The serial number of this one is FT20401. The only other one we can find a picture of is serial number FT20428
Atkinson (J.J. Atkinson, Liverpool) half plate tailboard
+ Ross Zeiss Patent 110mm f3.6 Planar
Belagny Systeme Balagny tailboard,
13x18cm + Dallmeyer No.2 Rectilinear Landscape + clip-on reflex finder. Rare & beautifully made tailboard with unusual curved front and top. This actual camera is pictured in 'Les Appareils Photographiques Francais' (J.P. Francesch et al, 1993, p.54)
Bell & Howell Foton
+ 2 inch f2 T.T.H. Cooke Amotal Anastigmat + Cooke 8.5 in. (216mm) f5.6 Telekinic + finder, flash & instructions. Rare system camera introduced in 1948, built-in spring-wound motor for up to 6 f.p.s. With the very rare telephoto lens
Billcliff (J. Billcliff, Manchester) 'Royalty'
qtr. plate field camera, sold by 'Sharman D . Neil, 12 Donegal Place, Belfast, Optician to H.R.H. The Prince of Wales' + Beck 5in. Rectilinear + waterhouse stops, Ross 4in. No.2 Symmetrical, Thornton-Pickard shutter (boxed) + 6 double plate holders. In beautiful condition
Bing (Bing Werke AG, Nurnberg, Germany) un-named Fitax I/Mecum
stereo box camera, with Emil Wunsche, Dresden sellers label. See Abring (I) no. 728. c.1925/26. Rare & in superb condition
unusual combined opera glasses & subminiature camera, white version, 40mm f4.5 Bicon. c.1950
Bronica D
(DeLuxe) Type 2 + 7.5cm f2.8 Nikkor. Very attractive, rare & early Bronica with two-tone body covering.
Bronica EC complete
inc. 75mm f2.8 Nikkor + cap, strap & case. Hard to find in this - almost as new - condition
Bullard (Springfield, MA) Separable Magazine camera,
4x5, Gundlach Optical Co., Rochester, N.Y, 4x5 SYM. 'Sands, Hunter & Co.,37 Bedford St., Strand, W.C.', seller's badge on side. Rare
Busch's Vademecum Satz
(lens set) No.II. The classic Vademecum lens set allowing 29 different lens combinations. 7 component lenses, 'I' & 'II' 'between lenses', 3 yellow 'screens' (filters), original case & instructions.
Calypso (Spirotechnique/Atoms) + Som Berthiot 35mm f2.8
+ strap. The first commercially successful underwater camera which later became the Nikonos after the design was purchased by Nikon. Rare first version with speeds 1/30th-1/500th + B. c.1960
(Moller, Wedel, Germany), model S, 10x14mm subminiature camera built into high quality 7x35 binoculars, interchangeable 90mm f3.5 Jdemar + case. Intro. c.1956
(Mamiya) Six, Olympus lens, 6x6cm, coupled rangefinder. Rare name variant of Mamiya-6 IV for the Indian market, engraved 'CAMEX SIX PATEL INDIA LTD'.
Canon NS
+ 5cm f4.5 Nikkor + original cap & case. Very rare early (1940-42) Canon rangefinder with Nikkor lens. Only 100 (approx.) were manufactured.
Canon S-II + 5cm f2 Serenar
+ cap, base-plate engraved, 'Made in Occupied Japan' + case also stamped, 'Made in Occupied Japan'. Early Canon (c.1947-49) with rare f2 lens - we have only sold one example previously
Canon IIA + 50mm f3.5 Serenar.
Very rare - only approximately 300 manufactured (or 99 or less - See Dechert, page 110 & Miyazaki, page 143). Superb condition, full working order & guaranteed
Canon VI-L + 50mm f1.8 + cap & original box.
Very hard to find with original box
Canon VI-T + 50mm f1.2
+ cap, box, case, instructions & rare outer box. Very hard to find in this condition with rare original box & even rarer outer box
Canon 7 + 50mm f0.95
+ cap, Skylight filter, case, instructions & box. Complete with the very rare box for 7 + f0.95
Canon 7, black + 50mm f0.95
+ UV filter, cap & hood. Rare black version with the 'Dream' lens
Canon 7sZ + 50mm f0.95
+ hood. The rare 'Z' version of the Canon 7s - the last of the Canon rangefinder cameras. With the 50mm f0.95 'Dream' lens
Canon 35mm f3.5 Serenar,
Leica screw mount + rear cap engraved, 'Made in Occupied Japan'. The 35mm f3.5 is Canon's first wide-angle lens. Production began in March 1950 at number 60001. This lens is numbered 60098 so is one of the first 100 Canon wide-angle lenses manufactured. Production ceased in June 1951 when it was replaced by the f3.2 version
Canon 35mm f1.5 (type 3),
Leica screw mount + caps. Extremely rare 3rd version from 1971. Kitchingman lists only one know example (15541)
Canon 85mm f1.5 Serenar (type 1), Leica screw mount
+ rear cap + 51-page Canon Serenar Lenses catalogue dated 10-52. Rare Serenar version made only in 1952, approximately 500 manufactured
Canon 85mm f1.5 (type 3),
Leica screw mount + caps, hood & case. Rare lens in beautiful condition
Canon Canonflex
+ 50mm f1.8 Super-Canomatic R + case + magnifying finder ('waist level viewer') + case. The Canonflex was the first 35mm SLR from Canon, introduced in 1959 and made for less than a year. Production was very low at just over 16,000 cameras. The magnifying finder is scarce - it only fits this model and the even rarer Canonflex R2000
Canonflex RM, black + 50mm f1.8 Super-Canomatic R
+ cap & case. Full working order. Very rare in black - the first one we have sold
Canonflex R2000
+ 85mm f1.8 Super-Canomatic R + Magnifying Finder + exposure meter. The rarest Canonflex with rare meter unique to this model
Carl Zeiss Jena 29, 34, 41 & 48cm Protarlinse VII set,
Compound shutter, original Carl Zeiss Jena wooden box. c.1920
Century Camera Co (Rochester, N.Y.) Grand Sr.
(?), whole-plate, red bellows, beautiful polished wood interior, Bausch & Lomb 6.5 x 8.5 Plastigmat, 'Golden' Volute shutter + 4 film holders. Sold by Hirsch & Kaiser, 7 Kearney Street, San Francisco and subsequently by Westminster Photographic Exchange, 119 Victoria Street, London
Certo Sonny,
7cm f4.5 Certar, Compur. + 3x4cm & 4x6.5cm masks. 'Sonny' was a very early name for the Certo Dolly. It would appear that very few were made before the name was changed. This is the only one we have seen. c.1932
Chapman (J.T. Chapman, Manchester) Miller's Patent The British
qtr. plate falling plate camera, ebonised wooden body, Wray 5in. f8 R.R. with wheel stops, roller-blind shutter. Rare & early - c.1890 - falling plate camera
Chiyotax (Reise Camera Co.) IIIF, Leica copy + Nikkor-S.C 5cm f1.4
+ case & box with matching body number. Rare Leica copy with desirable lens
City Sale & Exchange (93 & 94 Fleet Street, London) qtr. Plate tropical reflex
+ Ross 150mm f4.5 Tessar + 2 plate holders. Beautiful British made tropical SLR sold by City Sale & Exchange, in superb condition
Compass (II) camera outfit,
camera + roll film back, original chain, 3 film packs, 10 film spools in metal cases, cable release adapters (rare!) + original instructions, all in outfit case.
Condor II
(Officine Galileo), 5cm f2 Esaog + case. Rare Italian camera with unusual design features. This is only the 2nd one we have sold
Contessa Pixie,
3x4cm folding camera with lazy-tong struts. Body similar to Ensignette. Rare - this is the only one we have sold
Contessa-Nettel Deckrullo Tropical
(Tropen Deckrullo), rare 13x18cm size, original tan bellows + 21cm f4.5 Tessar + lens cap + film pack adapter & case. Beautiful & rare camera in superb condition.
Contessa-Nettel Tropical Deckrullo,
6.5x9cm, 12cm f2.7 Tessar + plate holder + Rollex type 120 6x9 roll film back. 'The Photo Supplies Ltd., Nottingham, Cardiff & Swansea' seller's plaque on top. Lens c.1928. Rare in this small size and with fast lens. Superb condition
Contessa-Nettel Tropen-Sonnet
6.5x9cm, 12cm f4.5 Tessar, Compur shutter. Beautiful tropical plate camera. c.1920's
Corfield Periflex
(I), black, 'pigskin' + 50mm f3.5 Lumar. Unusual design British made 35mm camera with Leica lens mount & 'periscope' focusing. Rare first version, "First models were covered in pigskin?6up to 200 were produced in this finish". John E Lewis, The Periflex Story (1985). This camera was pictured on the front cover of Photographica World No. 106 (2003/4)
Corfield Periflex
(I), black + 50mm f3.5 Lumar + original box & instructions. Unusual design British made 35mm camera with Leica lens mount & 'periscope' focusing. c.1954/5
Corfield Periflex (I) 'Hilger & Watts' Scratch Investigation Microscope Camera
+ lens engraved 'Corfield England' + 'Hilger & Watts' + box, Periflex instructions + Hilger & Watts typed instruction card. Very rare Periflex variant, "We also produced one or two cameras for microscope work. We produced some... for Hilger & Watts for use with their Scratch Detection Microscope. At that time there was a lot of concern about plastic widows in aircraft, including military aircraft, and the fact that very fine scratches on them might lead to rupturing, as later on the Comet disaster. Hilger & Watts designed a microscope which lit the plastic window in such a way as to show up scratches, and we made a camera for it" Recollections from Sir Kenneth Corfield, Photographica World No.71. The camera is not a regular production Periflex in that the periscope housing is 8mm taller to allow viewing of the centre of the image. This is the only one we have seen and is in near mint condition.
Corfield Periflex (I) body, black, modified lens mount
+ clip-on eye-level finder & original invoice (with serial number noted) from Bennett & Sons Ltd, 27 Oxford Street, London, dated 31-5-55 to 'Wing. COM Fraser, R.A.F Andover'. Lens mount is smaller thread than usual 39mm. Camera probably modified for use by R.A.F.
Corfield (Periflex) Interplan A
+ 50mm f2.8 Lumar + case. Rare model with rare pre-set lens.
Corfield (Periflex) Interplan-B
body + Corfield body cap. Rare m42 mount Corfield
Corfield Technical 35 Mk.IIF
+ 45mm f3.5 Apo-Lumax. Extremely rare - this is only the 2nd one we have seen in over 20 years. The APO-Lumax lens is unknown. We have never seen one before!
Corfield Technical GS IV
+ un-named Corfield lens. Very rare - in over 25 years, this is the only Technical GS IV we have seen
Corfield 66
+ 95mm f3.5 Lumax + hood + 120 roll film back + case. Rare British 6x6 SLR.
Corfield WA67,
Wide-angle Perspective-control camera + Schneider 47mm f5.6 Super-Angulon + cap, Center Filter II, Copal shutter + Mamiya 120 Pro-SD 6x7 back + instructions & sales leaflet. Rare wide-angle camera. This is rarer early version (no. 1017) with the Copal shutter
Corfield WA67,
Wide-angle Perspective-control camera + Schneider 47mm f5.6 Super-Angulon + cap, Prontor-Press shutter + focusing screen & Mamiya 120 Pro-SD 6x7 back + instructions. Rare wide-angle camera
Cornu (Paris) Ontoflex Model B,
9cm f3.5 Tessar, Compur-Rapid. Rare twin lens reflex with interchangeable backs
Coronet Midget, blue
. These tiny cameras (only 60mm high) were introduced in 1934 and were available in a variety of colours. The blue one is the rarest. Complete with original photographs taken with the Midget.
(Toko, Japan), 3.5 inch f4.5 Telesigmar, subminiature binocular camera. Rare & unusual design
Dallmeyer-Bergheim No.2
+ waterhouse stops. The ultimate (and 1st, c.1896) soft-focus lens. Much rarer than the Dallmeyer 'Patent' A, B & D series Soft-Focus Portrait lenses. Truly superb condition. 'This lens received numerous favourable reviews and is illustrated in many period books but is incredibly rare today (I would dearly love to examine one)'. Russ Young, Photographica World (No.103, 2003)
Dallmeyer hand camera,
qtr. plate, Dallmeyer No.2 Stigmatic Series 2, T-P shutter, clip-on folding finder that stores inside the camera front + 6 plate holders of unusual design. Rare - the only one we've sold
Dallmeyer Long Focus hand & stand camera,
half-plate, Zeiss Patent 11.5in. convertible lens, Volute shutter. Rare camera
Dallmeyer Speed Camera, 4.5 x 6cm,
3 inch f2.9 Pentac. Rare, small plate camera with fast lens, made for Dallmeyer by N & G. Introduced at the March 1923 Photographic Fair and advertised in the 1927 BJP Almanac for ?25.0.0. 'The New Leica Camera' was advertised in the same year at ?20.0.0.
Dallmeyer 2 inch f1.5 Septac.  
Please let us know if you have a Septac lens for sale
Dallmeyer 3in. f1.9 Super-Six.
Please let us know if you have a Super-Six lens for sale!
Dallmeyer 3.25 in. f1.9 Super-Six
Anastigmat, VP Exakta mount, coated. Rare in this focal length. We have buyers waiting for similar lenses. Please let us know if you have one for sale!
Dallmeyer 8.5cm f2 Dallac,
Leica screw mount + caps & box with matching number. Very hard to find in this condition. Please let us know if you have a similar lens for sale as we have buyers waiting
Damoizeau (J. Damoizeau, Paris) Cyclographe
A Foyer Fixe. Very rare and early - c.1894 - clockwork panoramic camera. See Eaton S. Lothrop, Jr., A Century of Cameras (1973)
Darlot (Paris) 'Objectif d'Artiste
Formule anachromatique. L. de Pulligny & C. Puyo' + 2 additional lens cells & waterhouse stops. This lens is in truly superb condition with beautiful brass and fine engraving. '?61885 list has: Casket set as Petzval in mount with 6 achromatic cells to exchange. This gives foci 5.5-17.5in, singly or 2-9in in pairs. These screw in to a Petzval tube...Objectif d'Artiste e.g. f11 8.0in in brass.'. a lens collector's vade mecum
Ducati Simplex subminiature
(half-frame 35mm in special cassettes) + 35mm f3.5 Etar + case. Rare, high quality subminiature/half-frame camera in full working order
Echo 8 Lighter Camera
(Suzuki Optical Co.) + film slitter & box. Subminiature camera built into 'Zippo type' lighter
Elega 35
(Nitto Seiko Co.), 'Leica styled', later version + 45mm f3.5 Eleger. Rare Leica 'copy'
Ensign (Houghton-Butcher) Auto-Speed,
4in. f4.5 Aldis Uno + case with 'The Westminster, 62 Piccadilly, London, W1' seller's label. Rare 6x9 on 120 camera with focal-plane shutter, in beautiful condition
Ensign Autorange 16-20,
75mm f3.5 Xpres, c.r.f. + instructions, 'presentation' box & outer box.. Very hard to find in this condition
Ensign Autorange 820,
105mm f3.8 Xpres + original box, outer box, instructions and original receipt from Dixons dated 14-7-1958 (original price 29.17.6 !). Very hard to find with the original box and the rare outer box
Ensign Autorange 820,
105mm f3.8 Ross Xpres, Prontor-SVS shutter + case, instructions & box. Rare later version with Prontor-SVS shutter
Ensign No.12 Carbine 'Tropical Model',
4.5 in. f4.5 Ross Anastigmat, Compur shutter + case. Attractive British camera in beautiful condition.
Ensign Multex
(Model 0), 50mm f3.5 Multar + case & rare original cap. The serial number of the lens is consecutive to the one on the Multex sold in the Jim Barron Sale at Christie's in 2002. Rare camera
Ensign Popular Reflex Tropical Model,
1/4 plate + 6 in. f4.5 Ross Xpres, brown focusing hood + matching brown bellows. Beautiful and rare tropical camera
Ensign Roll Film Reflex Tropical
Model, Aldis 4.25in. F7.7 Uno Anastigmat. Rare 'tropical' camera
Ernemann Ermanox,
4.5x6cm, 10cm f2 Ernostar. 'There are very few cameras that can claim to have created an entire genre of photography. A remarkable camera, the Ermanox is one of this select group. Innovative in both design and application it has earned its place in photographic history as the first 'candid camera'. Colin Harding, Classic Cameras (2009).
Ernemann (Zeiss Ikon) Ermanox Reflex,
Carl Zeiss Jena 10.5cm f1.8 Ernostar + 2 Ernemann cut film holders + original cap & 1756 case. Only one batch of 100 C.Z.J. 10.5cm f1.8 Ernostar lenses were manufactured. The lens fitted to this camera is the first one in the batch. Very rare camera - much rarer than the (non-reflex) Ermanox.
Ernemann Ernoflex
(Model 1), 16.5cm f4.5 Tessar. Rare folding reflex camera
Ernemann Stereo Ernoflex,
7.5cm f3.5 Ernon lenses. Rare stereo version of the Miniature Ernoflex - we have never sold one before
Ernemann Tropen-Klapp
9x12cm + 15cm f4.5 Goerz Dogmar + 3 tropical plate holders. Beautiful and rare tropical camera
Ernemann Tropen-Klapp (1922 version),
9x12cm, 15cm f4.5 Tessar + 3 matching plate holders & film -pack adapter. Beautiful polished teak tropical camera with brown bellows & original polished teak focusing screen cover
Escaflex J,
80mm f3.5 Tri-Lausar. Rare & unusual design, first Japanese 6x6 SLR with a leaf shutter. c.1954. This is the only one we have seen
Exakta A
(4th version) + 7.5cm f3.5 Exaktar + case, original guarantee certificate (with matching numbers), instructions, Exakta 4x6.5cm & 24x36mm display card & original box. Rare with original box. Full working order
Exakta B, chrome outfit:
body + 7.5cm f2.8 Tessar, focusing lever + instructions, inspection tag (with matching numbers) + box + 12cm f6.3 Tele-Tessar + box & cap, Tubus A & B extension tubes, boxed + both versions of extension hood in cases + close-up lens. Very hard to find in this condition & with original box
Night Exakta outfit:
Night Exakta + 8cm f1.9 Meyer Primoplan + Zeiss 5.5cm f8 Tessar + 10.5cm f4.5 Ihagee Anastigmat + Zeiss 12cm f6.3 Tele-Tessar + Meyer 15cm f5.5 Tele Megor + Meyer 18cm f5.5 Tele Megor
Kine Exakta I (round magnifier)
+ 5cm f2.8 Tessar. The first 35mm SLR camera - a rare & important landmark in camera design
Exakta Varex IIa (version 3) + 50mm f2.8 Tessar + cap & box.
"All collectors agree in considering this camera the most attractive of all the Exakta 24x36 models" Aguila & Rouah. Near mint condition, full working order, serviced & guaranteed
Exakta Varex IIa dummy
(+ waist level finder), s/no. 'A099' + dummy 50mm f2.8 'T' lens s/no.'0000000' serial number + box. Very rare dealer display dummy. We have never sold one before. Ex-Corfield collection
Exakta Varex IIa, 'Varex IIa' removed
+ Harwix TTL-Prisma, 'Varex IIa' still visible on rear of nameplate. 'US Customs would not clear any cameras until the 'Varex' name had been removed...Some of the modifications are quite crude while others are very well done with polishing and re-chroming of the nameplate. All these variations are quite rare even in the USA.'. Exakta Obscurities, Gary Cullen & Klaus Rademaker, 2001
Exakta Real + Schneider 50mm f2.8 Xenar
+ cap & case. Rare Exakta from Ihagee-West
Exakta fit Carl Zeiss Jena 500mm f8 Fernobjektiv.
This rare lens is from a c.1957 batch of 100 numbered 4802001-4802100 (cf Thiele). Listed in 1956 Exakta Varex IIa catalogue with UK price of ?192.19.9. This was a very expensive lens - the most expensive item in the catalogue.
Exakta fit Dallmeyer 2in. f1.9 Super-Six,
boxed. Rare lens for Exakta, with original box
Exakta fit Dallmeyer 3in. f1.9 Kinematograph.
Rare lens for Exakta
Exakta fit Rodenstock 30mm f2.8 Eurygon
+ caps & case. Very rare lens for Exakta. The only one we have sold
Exakta fit Voigtlander 36-82mm f2.8 Zoomar,
rare rigid iris linkage version. This is the only Exakta mount Zoomar we have seen that uses a rigid iris linkage mechanism. They are usually fitted with a cable-release link. This appears to be factory produced but we can find no mention of it in any literature.
Exakta 66, pre-war
+ 8cm f2.8 Tessar + case. The rare pre-war version in superb condition. Serviced & guaranteed. The serial number of this camera, bought in Berlin, is 553752. We have also sold serial number 553753, bought from a vendor in Iowa!
Exakta 66, post-war
+ 80mm f2.8 'T' coated Tessar. Superb example of this rare camera. Full working order, serviced & guaranteed
Fed 'Siberia'
(Paulus), top-plate engraved "Made by A. Kemynin cameras works" + modified 50mm f3.5. Rare Fed 'copy' with enlarged controls
Firstflex 35
(Tokiwa Seiki Co.), interchangeable, screw mount 50mm ('5.0cm') f3.5 First Anastigmat. c.1955. Rare early Japanese 35mm SLR
Focaflex II + 5cm f2.8 Neoplex
+ case. Full working order. Rare - less than 2,500 manufactured - and unusual design. c.1962/63
Fotofex Visor-Fex,
10.5cm f4.5 Meyer Trioplan. Rare & unusual 6x9 folding camera allowing use of focusing screen between exposures on roll-film. Complete with ground glass adapter & dark-slide. The only one we have sold.
Fuji Super Fujica-6,
7.5cm f3.5 Fujinar, Seikosha-MX, c.r.f. Rare camera
Gallus (Paris) Derby-Lux,
50mm f3.5 Gallix. Unusual polished aluminium camera. This is the very rare early 'Derby-Lux' version - the first one we have sold (later versions were named 'Derlux')
Gami 16
(Officine Galileo, Milan) subminiature, 25mm f1.9 Esamitar. Rare, high quality subminiature system camera with clock-work wind
Gandolfi Simplex hand camera, 6x9cm
+ Goerz 7.5cm f9 Weitwinkel Dagor, tan bellows + 6 plate holders, film pack adapter + case. Rare small Gandolfi in superb condition & with desirable lens. Thanks to Aart Kinds for identifying this camera
Gandolfi tailboard,
10x8 + un-cut lens panel + 3 double plate holders + leather case. Truly beautiful condition - probably unused. The best we have seen.
Gaumont (Paris), 8x11cm
folding plate camera, same model pictured in Abring (Von Dagueere bis Heute, I, page 61), f8 Plana-Symetrique. 'T-P type' roller-blind shutter + original accessory viewfinder.
Gaumont Stereo Spido Ordinaire,
85mm f4.5 Krauss/Zeiss Tessars + 120 roll film back, film pack holder, focusing screen back + case. Beautifully made camera introduced in 1906. With rare 120 back.
(Showa Opt. Works) subminiature TLR, "Made in Occupied Japan", 25mm f3.5 lens. Shown with a Rolleiflex T for size comparison.
Globus (Ernemann/Herbst & Firl) tailboard,
9x12cm, Rodenstock '9x12cm' Bistigmat + front mounted shutter (similar to Thornton-Pickard type), green & maroon bellows + 3 plate holders
360 degree 35mm panoramic camera + wooden presentation box & instructions. This is number 30 of first 100 cameras produced. Rare and very unusual design. Ex-Naylor Collection
360 degree 35mm panoramic camera + instructions. We'd already sold number 30 of the first 100 manufactured. This is number 100 of the first 100 manufactured. Rare and very unusual design. Serviced & guaranteed
Glunz/Rodenstock Adina
3x4cm camera, Meyer 5cm f2.9 Trioplan, Compur shutter. c.1932. A name variant of the rare Rodenstock Rodinett. The 'barn-doors' feature was later used on the Voigtlander Vitessa. We can find no printed reference to this camera or any mention of it on the Internet. This is the only one we've seen.
Goerz Roll-Tenax, 4x6.5cm Deluxe,
red leather body covering & bellows, gold finish metal parts, 7.5cm f4.5 Dogmar, Compur, "Wm. Blackadder, Glasgow" sellers gold lettering below 'Goerz' embossing. Beautiful & rare
Graflex Camera, Ground Type 1
(Anniversary Speed Graphic) rare military outfit for R.A.F. 127mm f4.7 Ektar in Supermatic shutter + 6 3/8ths. f4.5 Optar in Graphex shutter + 3-cell ('Star Wars') flash, 4 plate holders, original Graflex wooden tripod all marked with RAF stores reference numbers and fitted in original outfit case. Rare outfit - only the second one we have seen.
Grubb 'A' Patent Aplanat lens
+ washer stops + flange/retaining ring 'A. The Grubb Aplanat. A few attempts have been made over the years to improve the French Landscape lens, but without much success. In 1857 Thomas Grubb (1800-1878) made a lens that he called the Aplanat because of its low spherical aberration.'. A History of the Photographic Lens, Rudolf Kingslake, 1989. 'The Standard Excellence of these lenses is now too generally known to require comment. Their superiority is proved by their adoption and continued use by first-class Amateur and Professional Photographers, and by close approximation to them by some first-class makers'. Thomas Grubb advert, BJP Almanac 1866.
Gundlach Korona Stereo,
Wollensak lenses in Senior shutter, red bellows, polished wood interior.
George Hare New Patent Field camera,
5x4 + Ross 5in. f7.7 Goerz Patent Double Anastigmat + 3 double dark slides in leather case. Ex-Jim Barron collection. Sold at Christie's 11-12-2002, lot 132 (1,700 GBP hammer, with extra lenses). 'Hare had a high reputation for his cameras and after he brought out his New Patent camera in August 1885 the British Journal of Photography wrote: 'Little need be said of Mr George Hare's Patent Camera, except that it forms the model upon which nearly all the others in the market are based'. Although many copied the design only a few designers added their own improvements recognising the quality of Hare's design'. (Christie's description of this camera)
Hasselblad 1600F
+ 80mm f2.8 'T' coated Opton Tessar. Rare early Hasselblad, c.1952. It's estimated that less than 3,000 were sold.
Hasselblad Supreme Wide Angle,
38mm f4.5 Biogon + 12-on magazine. According to factory records, a total of only 1999 Supreme Wide Angles and Super-Wide cameras were manufactured. The serial number of this camera is CC 1915. Richard Nordin (Hasselblad Compendium, 2011) records CC 1919 as the highest known number. Full working order. c.1955
Hasselblad 30mm f3.5 F-Distagon C T*
+ caps, filters & case. Rare - only around 1600 manufactured. c.1973
Hensoldt (Wetzlar) Henso Reporter + 5cm f1.9 Hensoldt Arion
+ cap, box & original guarantee cards with matching serial numbers. Rare Leica copy, made in Italy by I.S.O. for Hensoldt
Hobix D1
(Tougo-do, Japan) + case. Unusual & rare 24x32 format camera with reflex & eye-level finders
Hobix SIII
(Tougo-do, Japan), later version + box, Japanese instructions & original swing-ticket price label. Unusual & rare 30x30mm format camera with reflex & eye-level finders. c.1954
Holborn Ilex No 8 Tropical
model, polished mahogany, brass binding, T.T.H Cooke Series 111 5.1 in. f6.5, Ilex Patent Shutter, Spiers & Pounds Stores, Photographic Dept. Queen Victoria Street sellers label inside back door + case. Beautiful & rare camera. This is the first tropical Ilex we have seen
Houghton Ensignette No.1, 'white-metal',
red bellows + matching case. Rare 'white-metal' version. Previously sold at Christie's (South Kensington) 15th May 1992, lot no. 381. Beautiful & rare camera
Houghton Triple Victo Stereo,
half-plate + Aldis No.2 f6 Anastigmat lenses in working Thornton-Pickard stereo shutter, 'City Sale & Exchange' (London) seller's label on back, 'Stereo Victo' badge on front
J J Hicks (Colonel Stewart's) Panoram
. Extremely rare early panoramic camera similar to Damoizeau's Cyclographe A Foyer Fixe. This is the only one we have seen or know of. It was pictured and described in Amateur Photographer Magazine April 16th 1897. We have buyers waiting for rare cameras such as this.
Japy & Cie Le Pascal,
roll-film camera with clock-work film wind. The first camera with motorised film advance c.1898/1899. Rare and a milestone in camera design
Ica Minimum Palmos, 6x4.5cm,
8cm f4.5 Tessar. Rare small camera
Ica Tropica,
285, 9x12cm + 15cm f4.5 Tessar, Compur. Beautiful & rare tropical camera
Ifbaflex M102
+ 50mm f1.8 Ifbagon. Rare name variant of Zeiss Ikon SL706. Near mint condition, serviced & guaranteed. The Ifbaflex was sold in small quantities and only in France.
Ihagee Neugold,
6.5x9cm, 105mm f5.5 Meyer Veraplan Doppel-Anastigmat, gilt Compur shutter, brown bellows. Rare tropical camera
Ihagee Sportkamera
9x12cm, 15cm f4.5 Tessar + 6 plate holders & case. Rare 'press' camera from the makers of the Exakta.
Ilford Advocate 'M of E'
(Series 1), 35mm f4.5 Dallmeyer. Ivory enamel camera with wide-angle lens. Very unusual variant with 'M of E' (Ministry of Education) and crown engraving. In 25 years, this is the only one we have seen.
Ilford Advocate
(Series 1), Wray 35mm f3.5 Lustrar. Very rare variant - an early (Series 1) 'black-face' model fitted with a Wray lens. Usually the Wray lens is only fitted to late cameras. The serial number has a 'W' suffix indicating a Wray lens. This is the only example we have sold (or seen). This actual camera is pictured in 'Ilford. Faces, People & Places - The Cameras of Ilford Limited 1899 to 2005'. Andrew J. Holliman, 2006.
Ilford 'Camera Type DK.2798',
Wray 25mm f2 Cine-Unilite. Very rare camera with no built-in shutter, based on the Ilford Advocate, green enamel finish, lens unscrews. We have never seen one before
Ilford K.I. Monobar
camera, type U + Dallmeyer 2in. f3.5 Anastigmat, Zeiss 10.5cm f4.5 Tessar, 2x 35mm backs, focusing magnifier + right-angle focusing magnifier, instructions & Design Centre (London) selection tag. Unusual 35mm professional monorail camera, introduced in 1954
Ilford Witness + Dallmeyer 2in. f1.9 Super-Six
Anastigmat + cap, box, instructions & guarantee sheet. A rare precision 35mm rangefinder camera that finally reached the market in 1953 after protracted delays. Research suggests that (approximately) only 300-350 were manufactured. This example is in superb condition, complete with the original box, instructions and guarantee sheet. We have clients waiting for rare cameras such as this so please let us know if you have something similar for sale
Ilford Witness + Dallmeyer 2in. f1.9 Super-Six
Anastigmat. Rare - only around 300-350 were manufactured. The serial number of this camera is 4 digits higher than the highest one recorded by Andrew Holliman in 'The Cameras of Ilford Limited 1899 to 2005'. We have buyers waiting for these cameras - please let us know if you have one for sale
Ilford Witness + Dallmeyer 2in. f1.9 Super-Six
Anastigmat + cap, box, case (in original box), original (boxed) lens hood + original receipt dated October 8th 1953, with correct serial numbers noted, from Lewis Newcombe Ltd, 41 Old Bond Street, London. The camera was sold to J.D. Berry of Ilford Lane, Ilford. We have sold nine of these rare cameras in recent years and inspected several others. We have never seen the box for the case or lens hood before. This is in near mint condition and by far the best and most complete Witness we have seen. Please contact us if you have a Witness for sale - we have buyers waiting
I.S.O. (Industria Scientifica Ottica S.R.L., Milan) Duplex Super 120 Stereo
camera. Uses 120 film but produces 35mm size (24x23mm) stereo pairs. Early version without single exposure facility. Introduced c.1956
(San Giorgio, Genova, Italy), Leica copy + 5cm f3.5 Essegi + case, box & French sales leaflet. Rare Leica copy in near mint condition and with original box.
JCT Wide-Angle Camera,
rise & fall front + rotating back & viewfinder + 47mm f5.6 Super-Angulon (+ centre filter), 65mm f8 Super-Angulon + Horseman & Graflex 120 6x9 backs + Horseman Rotary Angle Viewer & magnifying hood This is believed to be one of only 5 cameras made by the British precision engineer Jack Tate and the only example fitted with a viewfinder. A unique and very useable camera in full working order
F. Jonte & Deloye
(Paris) 9x12cm polished wood folding plate camera. Un-named but very similar to Folding Touriste (see Les Appareils Photographiques Francais, cameras no. 18 & 90), H. Roussel Anti-Spectroscopique f7.7 Series R No.1, unusual Otto Lund pneumatic shutter, burgundy bellows + 3 plate holders & clip-on finder
F. Jonte & Deloye
(Paris) 9x12cm polished wood folding plate camera, similar to their Folding Touriste but deeper body + Jonte 140mm f7.7 + original T-P shutter. Beautiful & rare camera
(Premier Instruments Corp., New York), civilian version + 47mm f2 Ektar. Rare, high-quality Leica copy
(Premier Instruments Corp., New York), military version + 47mm f2 Ektar. Rare, high quality Leica copy made for US Signal Corps, c.1951-54. Only around 1800 were manufactured
(Karl Arnold, Marienberg) 4x4 Model I, version B, 6cm f4.5 Vidar. Rare small SLR
Kemper (Alfred C. Kemper, Chicago) Kombi
subminiature. Extremely small camera introduced in 1892. The first miniature metal roll film camera and the first interchangeable back rollfilm camera. It was also the first non-Kodak camera for which Kodak produced the film. Complete with the spring clip and the original box.
Kennedy Instruments CRT (oscilloscope) camera,
half-frame, Wray 2in. f1 lens. Rare camera based on the Ilford Advocate body with very fast (f/1) lens
Kershaw Peregrine III,
Taylor-Hobson 80mm f2.8 Adotal, Talykron shutter, coupled rangefinder. Rare - a total of approximately only 1265 Peregrine II & III's were manufactured
Kinoptik (Paris) 75mm f2 Apochromat.
We have buyer's waiting for these and other rare Kinoptik lenses - please let us know if you have one for sale
Kodak Bantam f6.3, military model,
engraved with Air Ministry crown logo & '14A/3127' stores/contract number. See McKeown's 12th edition, page 475 for a similar camera. Rare military camera
Kodak Bantam Special,
45mm f2 Ektar, Compur-Rapid. Complete with maker's original box, field case & instructions. A near mint and boxed example of this beautiful art-deco camera styled by prolific American industrial designer Walter Dorwin Teague. The best we have seen
Kodak No.2 Cartridge Hawk-Eye Model C, 'Modernist',
boxed. Rare model with geometric pattern and very hard to find in this condition
Kodak Ektra
+ 50mm f1.9 Ektar, 35mm f3.3 Ektar, 90mm f3.5 Ektar, 135mm f3.8 Ektar + spare back + focusing screen back, + case etc. Rare, high quality system camera. Only 2500 (approx.) manufactured
Kodak Hawk-Eye Stereo,
136mm f8 Krauss Zeiss Protar lenses, Automat shutter + case
Kodak No.3A Panoram.
The last and rarest version of the Kodak Panoram swinging-lens cameras, made for only two years, 1926-1928. Beautiful condition. The serial number of this camera is 1915. We also sold s/no.1902 - only 13 numbers from this one.
Kodak Petite 'Lightning Bolt',
blue, original blue bellows + matching powder compact
Kodak Pocket Kodak,
first version, c.1895, red leather covering + Part I & Part II instructions, sample print, box & letter from Kodak dated March 11th 1896. Very hard to find in this condition
Kodak Regent,
10.5cm f4.5 Xenar, Compur + 6x4.5 masks, box & Czech (!) instructions. Unusual design, very hard to find with original box
Kodak Regent II,
10.5cm f3.5 Xenar, c.r.f. Very rare - we have only sold two of these cameras. Ex-Voigtlander museum
Kodak Retina I (type 117),
5cm f3.5 Xenar, Compur. The first Retina model in beautiful condition. Full working order & guaranteed. Very hard to find in this condition - one of the best we have seen
Kodak Retina IIIC (type 028/N)
+ 50mm f2 Xenon. This camera, in almost as new condition, is one of approximately 125 Retina IIIC cameras hand assembled in 1977 for Kodak employees. They were never sold to the public. Several features distinguish it from a regular production IIIC. It has the highest recorded serial number and could be the last one.
Kodak Super Kodak Six-20,
100mm f3.5 Kodak Anastigmat Special. Rare - only around 725 manufactured. The first 'auto-exposure' camera
Kodak Suprema,
8cm f3.5 Xenar + case. Rare "Gulliver's Retina", only 1,791 made. Superb condition, full working order, serviced & guaranteed. Very hard to find in this condition
Konishiroku Snappy
subminiature, back embossed 'Made in Occupied Japan' + interchangeable 25mm f3.5 Optor + case. Unusual 'Exakta-shaped' subminiature from the company that later became Konica
Konica F + 52mm f1.4 Hexanon.
Landmark 35mm SLR from Konica with interchangeable viewfinders. This very rare camera was Konica's first 35mm SLR and the first to use the metal Copal Square shutter
Konica Type G Aerial camera outfit:
Type G camera with 135mm f3.5 Tele-Hexanon, 3 filters, strap, spare back, metal outfit case, instruction manual & inspection certificate dated April 8th 1966. Clock-work wind, 6x6 on 120 film. Full working order & near mint condition
Konica Hexar RF Limited complete outfit:
Hexar RF limited body + 50mm f1.2 M-Hexanon, hood, caps, UV filter, instructions etc., blue velvet presentation box & outer box. Only 2001 manufactured
Krauss (G.A, Krauss, Stuttgart) Peggy II,
4.5cm f2 Xenon + cassette, rarer later version with shutter cocking lever
Kricheldorff Folding SLR, 9x12cm,
Goerz Serie IB No.0 Doppel-Anastigmat. Very rare & early folding SLR. This is only the second one we have seen.
K.W. Patent Etui Luxus,
6.5x9cm, 10.5cm f4.5 Tessar, Compur, brown reptile skin covering, brown bellows + 3 plate holders, Rollex-Patent 120 roll film back + matching reptile-skin covered film-pack adapter. Sold by Sands, Hunter & Co. 37 Bedford Street, Strand, London. Very rare reptile-skin version - the only one we have sold
Lancaster Euryscope Instantograph Patent,
half-plate, brass bound + Lancaster 1/2 plate Rectigraph + cap + 3 plate holders. Rare model - the first one we have sold - in superb condition
Lancaster Improved 'Special 86' tailboard,
half-plate + John Browning (Strand, London) f8 lens. Rare model - the first to be fitted with Lancaster's 'double hinged back'
Lancaster 'The International Patent',
qtr. plate tailboard + Lancaster lens + 3 plate holder. Beautiful condition - the best we have seen.
Lancaster 'The Invincible De Luxe',
Lancaster qtr. plate Rectigraph+ cap, Unicum shutter. Beautiful 'tropical' falling plate camera, polished wood, brass-bound, red bellows. Very rare - the only one we have seen in 25 years
Lancaster 'Le Meritoire',
early (c,1882-1886) version with removable base, original lens + plate holder. Rare early version - the first one we have sold
Lancaster Rover No 2
(qtr. plate) 'detective' camera, Lancaster lens & 'See-Saw' shutter. c.1890s
Lancaster No.1 Stopit
(c.1909 version), qtr. plate falling-plate box camera. Rare Lancaster box camera - the first one we have sold
Lanjian Saomiao SM 950,
140 degree panoramic camera, complete with wooden spool adapters + format masks to use 120 film (instead of 95mm roll film) + yellow filter & instructions. Design 'inspiration' taken from Kodak Panoram. Very rare Chinese panoramic camera - the only one we have sold and we have seen only one other example. Probably c.1970
Leica Compur (Model B), dial-set,
50mm f3.5 Elmar. Only 638 dial-set Compur Leica cameras were produced. One of the first 50 manufactured, from the first batch numbered 5701-5761. c. 1926.
Leica Compur (Model B), dial-set,
50mm f3.5 Elmar. This is the 8th Leica Compur manufactured, s/no. 5708. From the first batch numbered 5701-5761. Completely original except repainted base-plate. c.1926. Only 638 dial-set Compur Leica cameras were produced
Leica I (A), 50mm f3.5 Elmar
+ cap & case. Hard to find with all original features, e.g. mushroom release, baseplate lock with crossbar, large pattern vulcanite etc. Full working order, serviced & guaranteed. c.1926
Leica I (A), 5cm f3.5 Elmar
+ cap, 4-digit number with asterisk, dimpled 'mushroom' release & early base-plate opening catch + 15 page 'Leitz Leica Camera' dated June 1929. The earliest camera we have seen with an asterisk, probably indicating a duplicate serial number. According to factory records the camera was shipped on July 24th 1928
Leica I (A), 50mm f3.5 Elmar,
restored. With receipt dated 12-8-92 from George Gordon Carr, 'Leica I/Elmar No.31639 received for restoration'. c.1930
Leica I (A) converted to I (Model C Standard mount)
+ 50mm f3.5 nickel Elmar + cap. One of the first 4,000 Leica cameras manufactured, s/no. 3911. Near mint condition, full working order & guaranteed. c.1927
Leica Compur (Model B), rim-set,
50mm f3.5 Elmar. Only 1072 rim-set Compur Leica cameras were manufactured. From a c.1930 batch numbered 34551-34800. Very hard to find in this condition.
Leica I (A), 50mm f3.5 Elmar,
'Lutz, Ferrando & Cia. Ltda, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo' importer's engraving on top of viewfinder. From a c.1930 batch numbered 30001-34550
Leica I (A), 50mm f3.5 Elmar, close-focus version
+ cap + 'FODIS' rangefinder & 'ETRIN' case with 2 cassettes in double cassette holder + box. Rare close-focus version. Hard to find in this condition & with box. c.1930
Leica I (A) USA conversion to II (D)
+ 50mm f3.5 Elmar, coated. Very rare USA conversion - note lack of 'No.' serial number prefix and style of the engraved number 4. Body, c.1928, lens c.1934
Leica II (D), black + 50mm f3.5 '11 o'clock' nickel Elmar.
Wind-on knob with retailer's engraving 'Pollock & Co., Grafton Street, Dublin'. A camera with the same engraving is pictured in 'Leica Collector's Guide' (Dennis Laney, 2nd edition, page 39). Body & lens c.1932
Leica II (D), black + 50mm f3.5 nickel Elmar
+ cap. Body engraved 'Germany' in accessory shoe + E Leitz (London) import certificate dated 6-3-1933. In superb condition. Similar cameras always wanted
Leica II (D), black + chrome fittings
+ 5cm f3.5 Elmar + cap. Rare with chrome fittings - see Lager I, page 42. Very hard to find in this condition. From a c.1937 batch numbered 251201-251300, lens c.1936
Leica II (D) converted to IIf 'white-dial'
+ 5cm f2 Summitar. Body c.1932. lens c.1949. Rare post-war conversion - note 'Nr.' instead of 'No.' serial number prefix, 'DBP' & 'GMBH' engraving
Leica Standard, black, chrome fittings, 'W.D.' with arrow engraving
(War Department) on top of viewfinder + 'A.P. 8665' in red paint on vulcanite on back + 5cm f2 Summar + 'MOOLY' motor + rare 'EYSOO' case. Rare military outfit. Body c.1936, lens c.1938
Leica Standard, black + 5cm f3.5 Elmar,
nickel + cap, rear of top-plate engraved, 'J. Lizars, Glasgow' + case with 'J. Lizars' badge inside + original instructions with Lizars sticker & original box with matching number. Body & lens both c.1936. Very hard to find in this condition
Leica Standard, black + 50mm f3.5 '11 o'clock' nickel Elmar
+ cap. From a c.1935 batch numbered 179601-179700, lens c.1932. Very hard to find in this condition
Leica III, black, chrome fittings + 5cm f2 Summitar,
cap, case & box, sales catalogues + original invoice from Messter Optik (Berlin) with correct serial numbers noted. The box is for a c.1939 Leica II & lens number 500163, which appears to have been taken in exchange for the III as this number is noted on the invoice.  Body & lens c.1939. From the last batch of black Leica III cameras, numbered 330001-330300
Leica III 'bright-chrome' + 5cm f2 Summar
+ cap, body engraved, 'Sold by James A. Sinclair & Co. Ltd, 3 Whitehall, London S.W.1.' + pigskin case & filter case both with Sinclair labels, instructions & Accessories catalogue. Body & lens c.1934.  Very hard to find in this condition
Leica III, chrome + 5cm f2 Summar + 'WESTO'
Leicameter (Weston 650) & Wallace Heaton pigskin 'Meta-case' for camera & meter. Body c.1934, lens c.1935
Leica 250 (FF) + 5cm f2 Summar,
nickel + cap + 2x cassettes engraved 'Brigham, Bridlington'. Rare 'FF' version - only 246 manufactured. Body c. 1934/37, lens c.1933
Leica 250 (GG), 'Reporter'
+ 2 cassettes + 5cm f2 Summar, coated + cap. Factory added IIIf type flash synchronisation - note 'Nr.' instead of 'No.' serial number prefix, 'DBP' & 'GMBH' engraving. From a c.1937/38 batch numbered 260001-260100, lens c.1938. Body in full working order, serviced & guaranteed
Leica IIIa + 5cm f2 Summar,
cap, case & original receipt made out to a 'James Kennedy Esq.' from R G Lewis (London) dated 11-8-1937 with both serial numbers noted. 'J.K.' neatly engraved on base-plate and neatly embossed on top of case. Body c.1936, lens c.1935. Previously sold at Christie's South Kensington, 12-6-97, lot no.157. The original invoice has survived since 1937 and proves that the lens was sold with the camera. R G Lewis remained in business until 2015
Leica IIIa + 5cm f3.5 Elmar Attrappe (dummy).
Very rare pre-war display dummy. Note lack of serial numbers, correct for 'Attrappe' camera of this period
Leica IIIa body, post-war + 5cm f2 Summitar.
Very rare post-war IIIa, from the last batch of 486, c.1950 cameras numbered 356701-357186. Lager illustrates 356785, 58 numbers later than this one
Leica IIIa body, post-war,
sharkskin + cap. Condition 5/D. Full working order & guaranteed. One of the last 65 IIIa cameras manufactured, from the last batch, c.1950
Leica IIIb + 'MOOLY' motor,
version with 'immobile' speed selector switch + linking arm + 5cm f3.5 Elmar. Body c.1938/39, lens c.1938. With rare immobile switch version of MOOLY. Lager (III, p.60) illustrates no. 1059, this one is serial number 1045
Leica IIIb body + 5cm f3.5 Elmar + 'MOOLY' motor,
rare early 2-speed version + linking arm. Body from a c.1938 batch numbered 280001-286500, lens c.1936
Leica IIIb + 5cm f2 Summar + 'MOOLY' motor
+ linking arm. From a c.1938 batch numbered 265001-266000, lens also c.1938.
Leica IIIb outfit:
body + 5cm f2 Summar, 3.5cm f3.5 Elmar + caps, 9cm f4 Elmar + caps, 'VIDOM' universal finder, 'FOOMI' ball & socket tripod head, 'APDOO' delayed-action, early, Sixtus Meter, 'SOOMP' lens hood for Summar, A36 light red, medium red, light yellow, graduated yellow & UV filters in Dolland (28 Bond Street, London) pig-skin outfit case, original Dolland & Aitchison receipt for IIIb & Summar (with correct serial numbers noted) dated May 28th 1938, separate D & A receipt for 3.5cm, 9cm, VIDOM, SOOMP & 3 filters dated June 1st 1938
Leica IIIc-K, grey, white' K' on shutter blind + 5cm f2 Summitar
+ very rare bakelite cap. Full working order, serviced & guaranteed. Body c.1943, lens c.1942
Leica IIIc K, grey + 5cm f3.5 Elmar.
Rare grey IIIcK. From a c.1943 batch numbered 389093-389525, lens c.1941
Leica IIIc, 'Luftwaffen-Eigentum'
+ 5cm f3.5 Elmar, also engraved 'Luftwaffen-Eigentum'. Note the two screws on back where covering plate over Luftwaffe engraving has been removed.
Leica IIId + 5cm f2 Summitar
+ cap. Very rare IIId camera - only 427 manufactured. Body from a c.1941 batch numbered 360037-360068, lens c.1939
Leica Standard, post-war (New York Standard)
+ Wollensak 50mm f3.5 Velostigmat + original presentation box. Very rare 'New York' Standard - less than 550 post-war Standards were manufactured
Leica IIIf outfit:
IIIf black-dial body + inspection tag, 5cm f2 Summitar, 3.5cm f3.5 Summaron, 5cm f3.5 Elmar, 9cm f4 Elmar, black & chrome, coated, 'VIOOH' finder, 'SBOOI' finder, 'SGVOO' finder, 'AYOOC' waist level viewfinder - rare version with swing-over lens for 3.5cm, 'WINTU' right-angle finder, 'NOOKY' near focusing device, 'APDOO' delayed-action (self-timer), 'FARUX' panoramic tripod head, rare 'FAROS' 3.5cm ring for FARUX, 'KGOON' large ball & socket head, rare 'SDOOG' quick-release tripod head, 'FOOKH', black lens hood for 3.5cm Elmar & Summaron (rare in black), 'FIKUS' lens hood, 'VALOO' lens hood & iris adjusting ring, 'SOOPD' lens hood, 'FIAVI' angle bracket, 'DOOLU' spirit level, black, 'FINOT' cable release, 'OPKOM' cable release, 'CEYOO' flash, Metraphot meter, 4x 'FILCA' cassettes, rare 'POOLN' A36 swing-out polarising filter, rare 'POORE' polarising filter for Summitar, + 16 additional Leitz filters, all in fitted leather case. Complete with 25 original invoices from Wallace Heaton, Dollonds, Camera Centre, Campkins etc. for most of the individual items, mainly from 1950/51, the latest dated August 1982. A very comprehensive outfit in beautiful condition
Leica IIIf red-dial + 5cm f2 Summicron
+ inspection tag with matching number + box with matching numbers + German & English instructions. Body & lens c.1953
Leica IIIf red-dial, Canada production
(Wetzlar engraving) + 5cm f2 Summicron, early + cap. Camera is listed as a IIIf black-dial (ELC) in Hahne. Only 2,000 IIIf black-dial & red-dial (non d/a) cameras were assembled in Canada. Body & lens c.1952
Leica IIIf red-dial, delayed action 'Betriebsk.'
camera + 5cm f2 Summitar. Rare camera for use in the Leitz factory
Leica If red-dial 'Attrappe' (dummy)
+ dummy 5cm f2 Summicron. Rare un-numbered dealer display dummy
Leica IIIg + 5cm f2.8 Elmar
+ Uva filter, cap, instructions, inspection tag, case & box. From a c.1959 batch numbered 980501-982000. With original box & almost as new.
Leica IIIg + 5cm f2 Summicron, rigid
+ UVa filter, cap & rare 'ENSOO' case. With rare rigid Summicron. Body & lens c.1958
Leica IIIg + Leicavit + 50mm f1.4 Summilux
+ cap & 'XOOIM' hood. Body c. 1957/58, lens. c.1961. With very rare screw mount Summilux - only around 550 manufactured
Leica IIIg 'Attrappe' (dummy)
+ dummy 5cm f2 Summicron. Rare dealer display dummy with 'A' suffix 5-digit serial number
Leitz 2.8cm f6.3 Hektor, chrome
+ caps & box. c.1935. Box marked 'Hekto' (no 'r') & 'Hoopy'. Very early - production started at no. 250001, this is no. 250205 making it one of first 205 Leitz 2.8cm/28mm lenses
Leitz 3.5cm f3.5 Elmar, close-focus
to 0.5m, nickel, '11 o'clock', standardized, uncoupled + caps. c.1931. Very rare close-focus uncoupled Elmar
Leitz 5cm f2 Rigid Summar, nickel
+ caps & box. Very rare lens with rare original box (later boxes for the collapsible lens are marked with the code-word 'SUMUS'. 'Leica historians for years have wondered why there seemed to be very, very few rigid Summar lenses. Indeed, it was an event when this variation surfaced. Leica Photography magazine, June 1934 provides a possible explanation. Owners of the rigid lens could send it in for conversion to collapsible mount. In 10 Jahre Leica Historica, Leica historian Willy Hahne traces the conversion process by listing hundreds of lenses that began as SUMAR but were converted to SUMUS. This conversion thus explains in part the scarcity of the rigid Summar. It may be added that factory records suggest that less than two thousand rigid mount lenses were completed'. James L. Lager, Leica. An Illustrated History Volume II - Lenses. From a c.1933 batch numbered 167001-168000
Leitz 5cm f2 Rigid Summar, chrome
+ caps & box. Very rare lens with rare original box . The chrome rigid Summar is rarer than the nickel version. From the first batch of Summar lenses, numbered 167001-168000. c.1933
Leitz 5cm f3.5 Elmar, engraved 'Luftwaffen-Eigentum'.
c.1942. Factory records show this lens was delivered to Berlin on February 2nd 1943 under contract No. 9438.
Leitz 7.3cm f1.9 Hektor,
black & chrome, parallel mount, meters + hood, caps & custom-made, close copy of original box. Hard to find in this condition. c.1934
Leitz 7.3cm f1.9 Hektor,
black & nickel + hood & caps. Rare lens - very hard to find in this condition. c.1932
Leitz 9cm f4 Elmar, black & nickel
+ caps & custom-made, close copy of original box. Rare black & nickel version. c.1933
Leitz 9cm f4 Elmar, all chrome version
+ caps & custom-made, close copy of original box. Very rare all chrome version. See Lager (II) page 80. c.1947
Leitz 9cm f2.2 Thambar
+ hood, centre filter, caps & box. Very hard to find in this condition - the best we have seen. c.1934
Leitz 10.5cm f6.3 'Mountain' Elmar,
black & nickel + hood, caps & box. Rare lens - less than 4,000 were manufactured. c.1932. The serial number of this lens is 136155. We have also sold lens numbered 136156
Leitz 13.5cm f4.5 Elmar
+ caps & box. Very hard to find in this condition & with original box. c.1934. The serial number is 240002. We have previously sold serial number 240014
Leitz 13.5cm f4.5 Hektor, black, coated, sharkskin
+ caps + box. Rare sharkskin version in near mint condition. c.1949
Leitz 'VIZWO' 3.5, 5 & 9cm torpedo-type finder
with parallax adjustment, black. Very rare (R8) finder from c.1932
Leica M3 s/w + 50mm f2.8 Elmar
+ cap, case, box & instructions. From a c.1959 batch numbered 926701-928922. With original box & almost as new.
Leica M3 + 5cm f3.5 Elmar, 'Attrappe' (dummy).
Rare dealer display dummy with 'A' suffix serial number. The dummy 5cm f3.5 Elmar is rare - M3 & M2 Attrappe cameras are usually fitted with a dummy Summicron
Leica M2 body, black paint.
From a c.1965 batch numbered 1130001-1130300. Very rare & totally original black paint M2. We have buyers waiting for black paint M2, M3 & M4 cameras
Leica M2-M body.
Very rare M2 (engraved 'M2-M') adapted for use with Leitz NY motor. Only 276 were manufactured. Full working order & guaranteed. c.1966
Leica M4 body, black-paint
+ cap, case & box. Rare, original black-paint camera from a c.1970 batch numbered 1266132-1267100. Very hard to find in this condition
Leica M4 body, chrome + cap, top-plate engraved 'Ernst Leitz Canada Ltd, Midland Canada',
'C' seal on lens mount. Very rare - only 100 cameras manufactured numbered 1178001-1178100. c.1967
Leitz 35mm f1.4 Summilux,
chrome + rear cap, UVa filter + 12522 (OLLUX) lens hood. c.1960. We have customers waiting for these early chrome Summilux lenses. Please let us know if you have one for sale
Leitz 5cm f1.5 Summarit,
screw + caps, Leitz Canada version. Rare (R8) E. Leitz Canada Summarit. c.1955
Leitz 50mm f1 Noctilux,
boxed. c.1978. We always have buyers waiting for these and other M lenses (e.g. 35mm f1.4 Summilux, chrome) so they rarely appear on our website.
Leitz 'OIRZO-M' stereo outfit
comprising: 'OISBO' 3.3cm f3.5 Stemar twin lens + caps, 'OIMPO' prism (later type), 'OIDYO' bright-line finder, 'OIGEO' lens hood + original box for outfit + rare 'IMPOO' 5cm f3.5 Elmar Stereo Projection lens, boxed. Very rare outfit. Stemar is screw mount with permanently attached screw to bayonet adapter - see Lager Vol. III, page 288
Leicaflex (Mk.1), black paint + 50mm f2 Summicron-R
+ hood. One of the first 5,000 Leica reflex cameras, c.1964. Rare black paint version, full working order & guaranteed. Lens serviced, body checked & meter circuit modified for 1.5v battery by specialist repairer
Leicaflex SL MOT
body, black paint, with 'Cattaneo garanzia importazione' importer's badge + cap. Rare camera - only 1080 manufactured - in superb condition. Full working order
Leica R3 Safari + matching 50mm f1.4 Summilux-R
(2nd version, built-in hood) + caps, boxes (with matching numbers) & instructions. c.1978. Near mint
Leotax Special DIII
+ 50mm f3.5 Simlar, base-plate engraved, 'Made in Occupied Japan' + case (stamped 'Made in Occupied Japan'). Rare Leica copy
Leotax F, later version + 50mm f1.9 Hexanon.
Full working order & with rare f1.9 Hexanon
Linhof Prazisions-Camera, 6.5x9cm,
triple-extension + 13.5cm f4.5 Tessar, Compur. Rare small format early Linhof. Compur c.1925/26, lens c.1929
Lizars Challenge Junior Dayspool
(Tropical), Model B (2.25 x 3.25 in.), Bausch & Lomb lens & shutter + case labelled 'Lizars Challenge Dayspool Camera'. Very rare small 'tropical' Lizars. Second picture shows this camera with a Dayspool No1. 4x5 & a Dayspool No.1 3.25 x 4.25 in
Lizars Challenge Dayspool
(Tropical), Beck Symmetrical lens, Unicum shutter.
Lizars Challenge Stereo,
B & L Rapid Rectilinear lenses, red bellows + 3 plate holders. Rare stereo camera, c.1905
Lizars Challenge Tropical De Luxe
hand & stand, 5x4, Lizars 'Cram' convertible lens, Compound shutter, red bellows. Rare tropical camera - much rarer than the Tropical Sanderson
London Stereoscopic Company 'Improved Camera',
sliding box wet-plate camera, brass bound + original London Stereoscopic Petzval-type lens with rack & pinion focusing + wet-plate holder & focusing screen. Completely original. The address and company name on the maker's badge date this camera to before 1864
London Stereoscopic Co. Improved 'Artist' Reflex Tropical,
5x4 Ross 11 1/4 in. f5.5 + 3x matching d.d.s. + film pack adapter. Beautiful polished teak tropical camera, green bellows, focusing hood & back
London Stereoscopic Co.
half-plate tailboard + ?>London Stereoscopic Co.?? 7x5 Rapid Rectilinear lens.
London Stereoscopic Co. Twin Lens Carlton Hand Camera
+ L.S. Co. 'Black Band' 4.25 x 3.25 in. 'Twin Carlton' lens. Rare early twin lens reflex, c.1894
Lorenz (Ernst Lorenz, Berlin) Clarissa,
6x4.5cm tropical camera, 7.5cm f3.1 Busch Glaukar-Anastigmat, brown bellows, focal-plane shutter, version with brass front standard + 3 plate holders & FP adapter. Very small tropical camera. Rare - the only one we have sold
Mamiyaflex Junior, 7.5cm f3.5 Neocon, rare first version
with wind-on knob lower than on later versions, tripod mount engraved 'Made in Occupied Japan', CPO logo engraving on front. Rare 1st version of the 1st Mamiya TLR. c.1948
Mamiya RB-67 Pro-S Golden Lizard
complete, including matching 90mm f3.8 Sekor-C + caps, strap, instructions & boxes. Almost as new. Special Edition - only 300 were manufactured
Marco Mendoza (Paris) 9x12cm double-extension folding plate camera,
similar to Photo-Hall Perfect Pliant No.9, H. Duplouich 135mm f6.8 Symetrique Prior.
Marion Soho Tropical Reflex,
qtr. plate + 15cm f4.5 Tessar + 3 matching d.d.s & original case. Beautiful tropical camera in polished teak with red bellows, & focusing hood. Superb condition
Marion Soho Tropical Reflex,
Marion Soho Tropical Reflex, qtr. plate
+ 15cm f4.5 Tessar, 'J.C. McKechnie, Edinburgh' retailer's label. Beautiful tropical camera, polished teak, red bellows & focusing hood. Superb condition
Marion Soho Stereo Tropical Reflex,
13.5cm f6.8 Goerz Dagor Serie III lenses + 1 double plate holder. Superb example of this rare & beautiful camera. We have buyers waiting for similar cameras.
Marshal Press
+ Nikkor-Q 105mm f3.5 + 150mm Nikkor Tele Attachment. Unusual camera, with similarities to Mamiya TLRs and the Mamiya Press. Not surprising as this camera was designed by Seichi Mamiya. c.1966
McKellen (Manchester) Double-pinion Treble Patent field camera,
whole-plate, maroon bellows + Steinheil Patent lens. Historically interesting as McKellen introduced and patented several features of this camera that later became standard on other makes of field camera
Meagher (Patrick Meagher, 21 Southampton Row, London) tailboard
camera, whole plate, extending front, square maroon bellows, unnamed lens. Probably the New Folding Camera illustrated in Meaghers advert in the 1872 (and earlier) BJ Almanacs
Meagher 2.25x2.25in. tailboard
camera, uncut lens panel (no lens). Very rare & unusual, tiny wooden tailboard camera, possible a one-off special order. See article 'a Mini Meagher in my palm', Photographica World 148 (2014/3). Sanderson camera is included for scale
(Metz) + 40mm f3.5 Kilar + case. Rare camera in superb condition.
Meopta Magnola,
Linhof Technika copy, 13x18cm Meopta 210mm f4.5 Belar in Compound copy. Rare Linhof copy
Meopta Stereo-Mikroma,
25mm f3.5 Mirars + case. Subminiature stereo camera made in Czechoslovakia, by the company known for its enlargers, and introduced c.1960. The lenses are fixed focus but fixed at different distances (similar to the Graflex/Wray Stereo Graphic).
Mentor Studio Reflex,
9x12cm + 180mm f4.5 coated Tessar. Rare SLR with extensive front movements.
Merkel Minerva
(sold by Chr. Tauber, Wiesbaden), 9x12cm tropical plate camera, 13.5cm f4.5 Tessar, Compur. Beautiful & rare tropical camera
Meyer (Dr Rudolf Hugo Meyer) 3.5cm f2.7 Makro Plasmat,
Leica mount & coupled + caps, hood & case. We have buyers waiting for these lenses so they never appear on our website. Please let us know if you have a similar lens for sale!
M.P.P. Micro Technical Camera S92,
5x4 + Wray 184mm f4.5 Lustrar, Compur. Rare model - probably only 300-500 were manufactured and all supplied to the M.o.D. (RAF)
Micro 16
(W R Whittaker, Los Angeles) subminiature outfit, chrome, red letters version + cassettes, case, flash, eye-level viewer, viewer, all boxed. These cameras are relatively common - especially in the USA - but a complete outfit like this is unusual.
Miki (Miki Camera Co. Tokyo) Mickey 35
+ cap & case. Rare bakelite miniature camera with Mickey Mouse logo on back, uses Bolta film. c.1953
Miller's Patent (T. Miller, Manchester) Adelphi
falling plate camera, qtr. plate, Wray 5in. f8 R.R. Rare early falling plate camera - not listed in McKeown's
Mine Six IIF
(Takane Optical Co.), Asahi 7.5cm f3.5 T-Takumar + case, box & instructions. Rare camera in superb condition
(Fotofex-Kameras, Berlin), 2.8cm f3.5 Trioplan, Compur + original Meyer lens cap, instruction sheet & sales leaflet. Rare & unusual subminiature
Minolta Auto-Press,
105mm f3.5 Promar, 'copy' of Plaubel Makina. Rare
Minolta IIB + 5cm f1.8 Super Rokkor
+ cap & case. Rare Leica 'copy'
Minolta Super A outfit:
Super A + 5cm f1.8 Super-Rokkor + 3.5cm f3.5 Rokkor + 13.5cm f4.5 Tele Rokkor + finder, exposure meter + 'Amplifier', self-timer & instructions. Rare outfit in superb condition
Minolta Miniflex 4x4,
60mm f3.5 Rokkor, Optiper Citizen MVL + cap, case, strap, accessory sports finder + box. Rare camera, unusual two-tone blue design. c.1959
Minox A - dealer display dummy
camera with no internal parts (there is a wooden block inside). Stamped with a distinctive serial number on the base. It also has a hole drilled in the base to make it immediately obvious that it's a dummy and not a working camera. The A version appears to be less common than the B or C dummy cameras.
Minox B + dealer display stand.
The classic subminiature 'spy camera' introduced in 1958 and comprising 302 individual parts. With rare dealer display stand.
Moorse half-plate tailboard
camera, maroon square bellows, Ross 8x5 Rapid Symmetrical + Ross No.9 12in. Symmetrical, 2 lens panels (one short, one long for stereo) single wet plate holder + one d.d.s. This is the only Moorse camera we have sold
(Tougo-do, Japan) + case. Rare TLR for 28x28mm images on Bolta-size film
Mycro SUPER-16
subminiature. One of the rarest Japanese subminiature cameras and the first one we have seen. Not to be confused with the common Mycro IIIA. It is not listed in McKeown's.
Nagel Fordinar 30,
9x12cm, 13.5cm f4.5 Elmar, Compur. Rare model and fitted with Elmar lens. Lens supplied to Nagel in 1932
Nagel Recomar 18,
Leitz 10.5cm f4.5 Elmar, Compur + Rollex-Patent 120 roll-film back, film-pack adapter & case. Full working order & guaranteed. Rare with Elmar lens
Nagel Rolloroy,
5cm f3.5 Tessar + original cap + Leitz rangefinder, engraved 'N' for Nagel + rangefinder clip + case. British version of Pupille. Very hard to find in this condition.
National Optical Co. 2 inch f2 Anastigmat
+ caps. Very rare lens in same mount as T.T.H. 2in. lens for Reid - the first one we have sold
Navax (Ina-Werk) + 45mm f2.8 Pointar.
Rare 35mm with unusual design and metal focal-plane shutter. c.1956
Negretti & Zambra (London) qtr. plate tailboard,
maroon bellows, Negretti & Zambria lens. Possibly their Pocket' camera, c.1870s. Rare & early
Nettel Argus,
monocular-styled disguised camera, 5cm f5.8 + 12 plate holders, tripod screw accessory & case. Rare disguised camera. c.1909
Newman & Guardia Baby Sibyl,
75mm f4.5 Xpres. The Pinnacle of British Workmanship?A. Newman & Guardia advert, BJP Almanac 1914.
Newman & Guardia Folding Roll Film Sibyl Excelsior,
2 1/2 x 4 1/4, Taylor Hobson 5 1/4 in. Sibyl Aviar f4.5 Series II + original N&G case. Rare - from serial number information it's estimated that only around 100 Sibyl Excelsior cameras were manufactured. This is the first one we have sold and is in superb condition
Newman & Guardia New Special Sibyl outfit,
2 1/4 x 3 1/4, Ross 112mm f 4.5 Xpres + Ross Teleros 9in. f5.5, 2 film pack adapters, 6 d.d.s., tilting tripod platform & rare finder hood, cable release + original N&G case
Newman & Guardia Sibyl Deluxe
('Model No.I'), Zeiss 22cm Protarlinse VII + 6 plate holders (in N & G case) & film pack adapter. Very rare - production possibly as low as 100 cameras. This one is serial number D152, serial no. D151 is pictured on the Early Photography website
Newman & Guardia Sibyl Vitesse,
112mm f3.5 Ross Xpres + 3 film holders, film pack adapter & original case. Very rare - the serial number of this camera is V166 and the only other Vitesse we've sold was numbered V155. On the internet we could only find pictures of V108, V127, V139 & V162, indicating that less than 100 were manufactured
Newman & Guardia Special B,
'3 focus', half plate, Zeiss 285mm & 350mm Protar lenses + original case. Very hard to find in this condition
Newman & Guardia Reflex (Self-Focusing Reflex),
qtr. plate, Zeiss 285mm f6.3 Protarlinse + removable N & G focal plane shutter + changing box. Rare, early Newman & Guardia reflex based on the Universal/Pattern B
Newman & Guardia Speed,
6x4.5, Ross 3.5in. f3.5 Xpres, 2x N&G plate holders, film pack adapter & original Newman & Guardia case. Rare - the first one we have sold without 'Dallmeyer' engraving and with Ross lens. The serial number of this camera is D893. The highest recorded number for a Dallmeyer Speed camera is D886
Newman & Guardia Square-Reflector Reflex,
qtr. plate, Zeiss 10in, 5 1/2 inch f6.3/12.5 Protarlinse. Rare SLR
Newman & Guardia Twin Lens Pattern,
quarter plate, 140mm f6.3 Zeiss Anastigmat. Rare & early twin lens reflex.
Newman & Guardia Trellis
hand & stand camera, qtr. plate, 13.5cm f4.5 Tessar, Compur + 3 plate holders + case. Beautifully made professional camera. Rare - some sources suggest that less than 200 of these were manufactured. However all the known serial numbers are within the 100-200 range, suggesting that a production quantity of less than 100 would be more accurate. This is number T157; cameras with serial numbers T155 & T160 are pictured elsewhere on the Internet
Newman & Guardia Universal B,
qtr. plate, Wray 5 1/2in. RR lens, burgundy bellows, with changing box & focusing screen.
Newman & Guardia Universal Special B,
5x4, Zeiss 285mm Protar + N&G Telephoto attachment, Telemeter in case, yellow filter, 3 d.d.s. plate changing box & instructions in original N&G case.
Newman & Sinclair (NS) Patent Reflex,
qtr. plate + 150mm f4.5 Ross/Zeiss Tessar + Emil Busch 10.75 in. f7.3 Busch-Bis-Telar Ser. II + 3 plate holders. The extra lenses are kept in compartment inside the camera. Rare camera with unusual and very early front shutter coupled to mirror. The is the only one we have sold
Nikon I + 5cm f2 Nikkor
+ cap. Full working order, serviced and guaranteed, film tested (see test pictures). One of the first 250 Nikon cameras manufactured! Very rare - only around 450 were sold. c.1948
Nikon M (unsynchronised) + 5cm f2 Nikkor-H.C
+ case, base-plate engraved 'Made in Occupied Japan', case also marked 'M.I.O.J'. Serviced & guaranteed. This is one of the first 1500 Nikon cameras manufactured
Nikon S + 5cm f1.4 Nikkor-S.C
+ cap, case, box & original guarantee card (with matching serial numbers) dated January 18th 1954. Full working order & guaranteed. Very hard to find in this condition
Nikon S2, black-dial + 5cm f1.4 Nikkor-S.C
+ cap, case, hood, instructions, guarantee card (matched) & box. 'EP' logo engraving on rewind crank, indicating that it was sold through the military 'PX' system. Near mint
Nikon SP + 5cm f1.4 Nikkor-S
+ cap, case, hood, instructions & box. Version with titanium shutter
Nikon S3 + 5cm f1.4 Nikkor-S
+ case. Note 'T' engraving on rewind crank - probably to indicate that it was sold tax-free through the US military
Nikon S3 'Olympic' (black) + 50mm f1.4 Nikkor-S 'Olympic'
+ hood & cap, (Japanese) instructions & box. Rare - only 2000 manufactured. c.1964
Nikon S3 'Olympic' (black) + 50mm f1.4 Nikkor-S 'Olympic'.
Rare - only 2000 manufactured. c.1964. This is the earliest known S3 'Olympic', s/no. 6320006. 'Recently black Olympic S3 6320006 with Olympic f1.4 140269 turned up in England. This is the earliest known Olympic S3 so far recorded' (NHS-122, page 18). Full working order & guaranteed
Nikon S4 + 5cm f2 Nikkor-H
+ cap & case. Rare model, full working order & guaranteed. This camera is scaled in feet - very few S4s were in feet as they were never officially imported into the USA
Nikon SP 2005 Limited Edition + 3.5cm f1.8 W-Nikkor.C
+ cap, hood, case, Japanese instructions (these cameras were originally sold in Japan only) + boxes and all original packaging and paperwork. Only 2,500 manufactured. Totally as new
Nikkor (W-Nikkor.C) 2.5cm f4, chrome
+ finder & caps, for rangefinder. Rare lens - only 1,924 manufactured in rangefinder mount, including both chrome & black versions
Nikkor 2.5cm f4 W-Nikkor.C, Leica screw mount
+ caps, correct finder (with 'L' for 'Leica' engraving on shoe) + rare hood & case. Rare lens in near mint condition. Only 950 manufactured in screw mount
Nikkor 3.5cm f1.8 W-Nikkor.C
+ caps, case & inspection card. Near mint, serviced & guaranteed. Rare (only 6,901 manufactured) and very hard to find in this condition
Nikkor 3.5cm f1.8 W-Nikkor, Leica screw mount
+ caps & case. Very useable and rare lens - probably only 1600 manufactured - in near mint condition
Nikkor 3.5cm f2.5 W-Nikkor, new style
- in barrel same as 35mm f1.8. Rare version of the 3.5cm f2.5 - only 1,200-1,300 were manufactured. This is the 90th one made
Nikkor-S.C 5cm f1.5,
Leica screw mount + caps. Very rare - only 797 manufactured in total, of which 408 were in LTM mount
Nikkor 5cm f3.5 Micro-Nikkor,
for rangefinder + caps. Rare lens - only 901 manufactured in rangefinder mount
Nikkor-P.C 8.5cm f2, Leica screw mount,
black + rear cap & hood. Rare black version
Nikkor-S.C 8.5cm f1.5, Leica screw mount
+ hood, caps & case. 'EP' engraving on barrel, indicating that it was sold through the military 'PX' system. Case also stamped 'EP'. Rare lens - only 489 were manufactured
Nikkor-T 35cm f4.5,
for rangefinder + hood & rear cap, for use with Reflex Housing. Very rare lens - only 429 manufactured
Nikon Reflex Housing (type II)
+ 45 degree finder, caps, both cable releases, 'finger' release, instructions & original plain blue box with matching serial number. Full working order & near mint. Very hard to find in this condition
Nikon F + plain prism, chrome, very early,
s/no. 6400457 with all early features + 5.8cm f1.4 Nikkor-S + case. Full working order & guaranteed. One of the first 500 Nikon F's manufactured. c.1959
Nikon F + plain prism, chrome, early + Nikkor-S 5.8cm f1.4
+ case, box, instructions & guarantee cards. c. April-August 1961. Near mint. Very hard to find in this condition
Nikon F + plain prism, chrome,
coupled for motor-drive + 50mm f1.4 Nikkor-S + Skylight filter & cap. Body, lens, cap & filter all 'Nippon Kogaku'. Almost as new - very hard to find in this condition. Body c.1965-66
Nikon F body + plain prism, black
+ cap, box, instructions & JCII inspection tag. This is the best condition Nikon F we have ever seen. It's absolutely 100% mint and still has the protective plastic on the base-plate, the protective plastic over the film gate and the protective waxed paper inside the base. A rare chance to buy a 'new' Nikon F. c. January-March 1971
Nikon F 'Apollo', Questar Modified body
(late, F2 cosmetics, s/no. 74*****), chrome + plain prism & cap. Rare version modified by Questar, added button for mirror-up without releasing shutter. Near mint
Nikon F + plain prism, black,
coupled for motor-drive + cap. c.1972, late pre-Apollo body. Full working order & guaranteed. Near mint - very hard to find in this condition
Nikon F Photomic Tn + 50mm f1.4 Nikkor-S
+ instructions, box & outer sleeve. Near mint, full working order & guaranteed. Hard to find in this condition. c.April-June 1967
Nikkor F,
black, motor-drive coupled + Nikkor plain prism + 50mm f1.4 Nikkor-S + cap. The serial number of this camera is 7045924. The last Nikkor F we sold was numbered 7045900
Nikon F2 'Titan' body
(with DE-1 plain prism) + box. Less than 4,600 F2 Titans were manufactured & this is the rarer version without 'Titan' engraving
Nikon F3 HP body
+ cap, box & sealed instructions. Totally as new, with protective plastic over film gate. Full working order & guaranteed
Nikon F3/T (champagne) body
+ cap, box & sealed instructions. Totally as new, complete with plastic base protector & protective plastic over film gate
Nikon F3 Limited
+ cap, strap, Japanese instructions etc., presentation box & outer sleeve. Totally as new, complete with plastic base protector & protective plastic over film gate
Nikon FA Gold + matching Nikkor 50mm f1.4
+ cap with gold lettering + wooden presentation box, sealed instruction book + all original paperwork, box & packaging
Nikon FM body,
black + instructions & box. Almost as new, complete with plastic base protector & protective plastic over film gate. Full working order & guaranteed
Nikon FM2n body,
black + cap, instructions & box. Totally as new, complete with plastic base protector & protective plastic over film gate. Full working order & guaranteed
Nikon FM2/T body
+ cap, box & sealed instructions. Totally as new, complete with plastic base protector & protective plastic over film gate
Nikon FM2 Millennium
2000 Units Limited Edition: FM2n body in special finish with dragon motif, 50mm f1.4 Nikkor with matching finish and with same 0069/2000 serial number, complete with all paperwork, box & white outer box. Totally as new
body + 'Lapita' strap, box & all original paperwork including (Japanese) instructions + high quality glossy photograph (305x405mm) of this actual camera showing the same number on the certificate of authenticity, signed by the photographer, Tony Hurst. Totally as new, still with protective plastic over film gate. Very rare - probably only 200 manufactured, some sources claim only 100 were manufactured
Nikon FM3A body,
black + box & instructions. Totally as new, still with sealed battery and circular base protector & protective plastic over film gate. Full working order & guaranteed
Nikkor 8mm f8 Fish-eye-Nikkor
+ caps & finder. The first production fisheye lens for 35mm. Rare - only around 1,500 manufactured
Nikkor 5.5cm f3.5 Micro-Nikkor
+ rare 'Nippon Kogaku' rear cap. Very rare 2nd version - less than 900 manufactured
Nikon Eye-level finder with accessory shoe,
black (type 3S). Very rare finder with built-in accessory shoe - the only one we have seen. Uli Koch only illustrates one from an instruction book (Nikon F - The Accessories)
(Eichapfel), second model, c.1937 + 7.5cm f3.5 Victar + case. Rare and in superb condition. Picture copyright John Wade.
Olympus Flex (BII),
7.5cm f2.8 F.Zuiko + cap. Rare high quality TLR with f2.8 lens, designed to rival Rolleiflex
Olympus 4cm f2.8 Zuiko
C, Leica screw mount & coupled + caps & finder & case stamped 'Made in Occupied Japan'. Rare Leica mount lens
Olympus Pen-W,
28mm f2.8 E Zuiko + cap, case & strap. The rare wide-angle Pen, made for only 9 months - September 1964 to May 1965.
Olympus Pen FT,
black + 38mm f2.8 'Pancake' lens. The most desirable Pen/lens combination in superb condition.
Olympus M-1 + 50mm f1.4 'M-System'.
Rare early version of OM-1. The name was changed after 'objections' from E. Leitz whose own Leica M1 camera had been introduced in 1959. Body and lens are both very early.
Olympus OM 8mm f2.8 Auto-Fisheye
+ caps & case. Very rare lens in near mint condition
Orionwerk (Hannover) Rio 20 C Luxus,
13.5cm f4.5 Trioplan, Ibsor. Brown leather body covering, brown bellows & gilt fittings. c.1927. Rare 'Luxus' camera, not listed in McKeown's
Orionwerk (Hannover) Tropen Rio
5C Patent, 15cm f4.5 Xenar, Compur shutter. Rare 'tropical' camera. c.1920s
Panox Panoramic AIII,
120 panoramic, 50mm f2.8 case. Rare camera
Pax Golden View
(Yamato), 45mm f3.5 Luminar, gold finish with green leather covering + matching gold hood & yellow filter + green leather case. Rare & attractive camera
Pentacon Six TLs
+ 80mm f2.8 Biometar MC. Very rare 4x4.5cm format version Pentacon Six - the first one we have sold
Pentacon Super + 55mm f1.4 Pancolar.
Rare 'professional' system camera - only 4,579 manufactured.
Pentacon SR899-GSK
(GSK = Gerauscharme Spiegelreflexkamera or low-noise reflex camera). Stasi surveillance camera + 50mm f2.8 (SO-3.2) + 135mm f3.5 (SO-3.4) 'Sonderoptik' lenses. Approximately 6,000 of these cameras - based on a Praktica but with a semi-silvered pellicle mirror and a built in motor-drive - were made, all exclusively for the Stasi. However, it's quite likely that many have subsequently been destroyed or disposed of - particularly immediately after the fall of the GDR when owning such a camera, with its associations with the Stasi, would have been undesirable. The lenses have a fixed iris and a 36mm thread mount and are supplied with an adapter for them to be fitted to this m42 mount camera. It requires an external 9v (DC) power supply. 50mm lens not pictured.
Pentax Auto 110 'Safari'
(two-tone brown) + 24mm f2.8, Skylight filter, cap, rare metal strap + box. Rare, full working order
Petal subminiature,
round, engraved 'Made in Occupied Japan' + wooden box, 2x 'Patel' film cassettes & instruction sheet. This model was listed as the smallest commercially produced camera ever made in the Guinness Book of World Records.
Petie Vanity subminiature,
brown leather covering.
Petie Vanity subminiature,
green marble effect finish, boxed
Petie Vanity subminiature,
green leather covering. Case contains mirror, compact, lipstick and holder for spare roll of film. These were available in other colours and with various enamel finishes (see below)
Petri 2.8 Color Super, Commemorative model,
Orikkor 45mm f2.8. 'The Petri f2.8 Commemorative featured... a little plaque affixed on the top cover next to the accessory shoe with the letter 'P' in a shield and the words 'Commemoration, Production exceeded 1,200,000'. Since this particular commemorative Petri 2.8 is presently very rare, it is believed that very few of them were produced'. John R. Baird, Collectors Guide to Kuribayashi-Petri Cameras, 1991.
Plaubel Makina, 4.5x6cm
('Baby Makina'), 7.5cm f2.8 Anticomar + cap. Rare - much less common than the 6.5x9cm Makinas
Pullman (S J Levi, London) qtr. plate detective camera,
original f8 lens. Very rare and unusual 'detective' camera. c.1894
Purma Speed
+ cap & case. Rare camera introduced in 1936. The curved focal-plane 'gravity' shutter (unique to the Purma cameras), has six speeds unlike the later, more common and less complex, Purma Special & Purma Plus. Complete with the essential lens cap which holds the lens in the retracted position and is unique to this model.
Rectaflex + 50mm f2 Xenon.
Series 25000, introduced in December 1952. 'PAT.USA no. 2,569,516 appeared only on approximately 1,500 Rectaflexes built for the U.S. military'. Classic Italian design & beautifully made.
Reflex Beauty I
(Taiyodo Optical) + 75mm f3.5 Canter, rare and first Japanese 6x6 SLR, copy of the Reflex Korelle
Reid I body, Royal Navy
'Periscope' camera + Taylor-Hobson 2 inch f2 Anastigmat, 'AP 8886' with red infill on rear of camera. See Christie's lot no.102, 11-6-02 for similar camera numbered P.1746. This camera is numbered P1723 and is the earliest known Reid I. Very rare - in 30 years, this is only the third one we've seen
Reid I + 2in. f2 Taylor-Hobson
+ cap & case, with F5/8810 military marking on back and 0553/8810 on case
Reid I + 2 inch f2 Taylor-Hobson
+ case, 'F5/8886' military marking on back & '460-9009' engraved on front
Reid 1a.
This is the extremely rare Reid with no viewfinder. We know of only 3 other examples, two of which we also sold. The serial numbers of the three cameras are all within 14 digits. H.P.R. in 'Leica Copies' writes, 'Reid 1a. The camera was announced in the British Journal Photographic Almanac 1959. It is also mentioned in different British publications but it has never been seen even in a photo'.
Reid II + 2 inch f2 Taylor-Hobson
+ case. Very rare. Mike Hardy in "The Reid Camera" (PW93, 2000) lists only 4 known examples.
Reid III + 2 inch f2 Taylor-Hobson Anastigmat
+ cap & original red & silver box. We are always interested in buying Reid cameras
Reid III + 2in. f2 Taylor-Hobson Anastigmat.
Serviced and guaranteed. Body s/no. P1002. Serial numbers started at P1000 so this is the third Reid manufactured. The lens is also very early
Dallmeyer 13.5cm f4.5 Dalrac + caps, for Reid
etc., engraved with Reid & Sigrist logo + British military 'broad arrow' & 'W6/WF/0451 engravings. Rare with Reid & military engravings and in this condition
(Japan) Richlet, 24x36mm on Bolta film. Rare bakelite 'miniature' with unusual design features. c.1954.
Rittreck II-A
+ 10.5cm f3.5 Luminon. Unusual Japanese 120/cut-film SLR with interchangeable lenses and backs & a choice of four film formats.
Riga Minox
subminiature + case & box. The first model of the famous Minox subminiature 'spy' cameras, made in Riga, Latvia before production transferred to Germany. Complete with the rare original box & case. Full working order.
Robin Hood Stereo
(Standard Cameras Ltd.), complete outfit with un-opened film & paper + stereo viewer, sample print, instructions & box. Near mint. Rare British 'marble-ized' bakelite camera. c.1930s
Riken Golden Steky + 2.5cm f3.5 Stekinar + 40mm f5.6 Ricoh 16-Tele
+ case & metal presentation box, marked "Golden Ricoh 16" (name variant of Golden Steky). Near mint condition
Robot Luftwaffen
(4th version, c.1942) + 4cm f2 Biotar, both engraved 'LUFTWAFFEN-EIGENTUM' + half-case stamped with 'LUFTWAFFEN-EIGENTUM' + cassettes
Robot IIa Royal Air Force outfit:
'Camera, Aircraft, Type F.102 Mk 1' + 30mm f3.5 Xenagon & 75mm f3.5 Tele-Xenar fixed focus lenses + 3 cassettes in original wooden outfit box. Camera and lenses with 'broad arrow' engraving. Rare military outfit, Hans Grahner (‘Robot - Das Sammlerbuch’, 2002) suggests around 100 were manufactured
Robot Royal 36 Mod. III
+ 45mm f2.8 Xenar + case, box, instructions & original guarantee card. Hard to find with original box.
Robot Star 50 'Stasi',
silenced version + 'super-thin' 30mm f4 Xenagon (un-named ? cf. Bellon p.226) + adapter ring. Rare silenced version for Stasi
Robot Star 50 'Stasi' outfit:
camera + 40mm f1.9 Xenon + sports bag with space for radio or recording equipment and with concealed microphone in shoulder strap. 'The Robot camera is well known for it durability and accuracy. During the cold war it was a preferred device used by the East German secret intelligence, STASI' from, a website detailing 'photo-enforcement' products. The camera fits to a cradle inside the bag with the lens hidden behind an unobtrusive hole in the centre of the strap fastening.
Robot Star Classic
+ 38mm f2.8 Xenar + cap, original delivery note, German instructions, 'Limitierte Sonderserie' certificate + original shipping box. The plan was to make 500 of these cameras but according to Claude Bellon (Robot Collection, 2003) only 50 were sold. The serial number of this camera is 24 digits higher than the highest number in the serial number range that Bellon lists, suggesting that slightly more may have been sold. McKeown's states 'A special edition of 500 was planned but only about 65 were sold'. This is only the second one we have seen. The camera is totally as new with no signs of use
Robot Super Recorder 36 + 38mm f2.8 Xenar.
Very rare - only approximately 200 of the Super Recorder (24 & 36) were manufactured and the Recorder 36 appears to be rarest of the two models
Robot OS 35F
electronic 35mm surveillance spy camera, fixed aperture lens + electronic wireless remote. Rare & in full working order
Rokuwa (Tokyo) Stereo Rocca,
rare plastic stereo camera for 23x24mm on 120 film, similar to ISO Duplex 120. c.1955
Rolleidoscop 6x13cm,
7.5cm f4.5 Tessars + case, later version with hinged caps. Near mint condition, full working order, serviced & guaranteed. Extremely hard to find in this condition
Rolleiflex 'Original',
7.5cm f4.5 Tessar + cap, case + Proxars. Very hard to find in this condition
Rolleiflex 'Baby 4x4 1938 Rolleiflex'
('Sports' Rolleiflex), 6cm f2.8 Tessar Much less common than the earlier 4x4 Rolleiflex cameras and the post-war grey 4x4.
Rolleiflex 2.8E Dummy
(Attrappe) non-working dealer display camera. With '0' serial number prefix to indicate that this is a display model.
Rolleiflex 2.8F,
80mm f2.8 Planar + cap, strap, meter diffusor, case, meter cover & box. Near mint & boxed
Rolleiflex 3.5F,
'white-face', 75mm f3.5 Xenotar + case & meter cover, diffusor, cap, strap, instructions & box. Camera is totally as new. Very hard to find in this condition.
Rolleiflex Rollei Wide (Rolleiwide),
55mm f4 Distagon + cap, strap, case, meter cover & diffusor. Rare - less than 4000 manufactured. Very hard to find in this condition
Rolleiflex T (type 1), grey,
75mm f3.5 Tessar + cap, strap, case, meter cover, diffusor, box & instructions. Near mint. Hard to find in this condition
Rolleiflex T, 'white-face',
75mm f3.5 Xenar. The last of the Rolleiflex T's, only 3,000 were made with the Xenar. This is one of the last 350
Rolleiflex 4x4 'Grey Baby',
60mm f3.5 Xenar + case, strap, cap & box. Near mint & boxed
Rolleiflex Tropical (metal, waterproof) case for 4x4,
grey + strap & desiccant cartridge. These are much rarer than the 6x6 version. In 20 years this is only the second one we have seen
Rolleicord Vb
(type 2, 'Rollei-Werke'), 75mm f3.5 Xenar + cap, case, instructions, box, outer sleeve & rare outer box. Almost as new, does not appear to have been used. The best Rolleicord Vb we’ve seen - very hard to find in this condition
Rolleicord Vb, grey,
75mm f3.5 Xenar. Rare grey Rolleicord Vb
Rolleiflex SL66
+ 80mm f2.8 Planar + waist level finder + 120/220 back, serviced. This camera was loaned to Amateur Photographer magazine by the previous owner & pictured in Ivor Matanle's article in the 22 June 2002 issue. In 1968/69 the SL66 with 80mm f2.8 Planar was priced at ?575, the Hasselblad 500C, also with the 80mm f2.8 Planar was priced at ?266. It was possible to buy 2 Hasselblads for less than the cost of one SL66.
Ross (Andrew Ross) wet-plate
+ Andrew Ross 3in.& 3.5in. lenses & plate holder. Beautiful early (c.1850s) wet-plate camera
Ross 305mm f5 Unar,
Zeiss Patent. Ross advertised this lens in the 1905 BJ P Almanac & list it as being suitable for 8 1/2 x 6 1/2 at 'large aperture' and suitable for 9 1/2 x 7 1/4 at 'medium stops'. This was an expensive lens at ?18 0. 0.
Rouch (W. W. Rouch, London), Patent 'Eureka'
Rouch (W. W. Rouch, London), Patent 'Eureka' camera qtr. plate 'Detective' camera, Rouch 5x4 Instantaneous Doublet
Rouch Patent Portable Camera
(W.W. Rouch & Co. 180 Strand, London), whole-plate + Ross 8 1/2 x 6 1/2 Rapid Symmetrical. Introduced c.1878. Unusual design features.
Royal Mail (W.Butcher & Sons Ltd.) Photo Stamp Camera outfit:
camera with removable 15 lens 'Cabinet' front + original box & instructions (!) + additional 15 lens 'CDV' front (also boxed) + base & easel (with box & instructions) + original advertising card. An extremely rare outfit in near mint condition.
Royer Teleroy,
100mm f3.5 Angenieux, c.r.f. + 6x4.5 mask. Superb condition - the best Teleroy we have seen. Full working order, serviced & guaranteed
Samocaflex 35,
50mm f2.8 D.Ezumar. Rare 35mm TLR
Sanderson Regular Model,
half-plate, 'A.H. Baird, Edinburgh' sellers badge inset into base + Beck 8.25 in. f6 Series II No.6 Neostigmar, Compound
Sanderson ('Houghton-Butcher') hand & stand, 'Regular Model'
+ 13.5cm f4.5 Tessar, Compur, film pack adapter. Very late example - c.1930's - of the rare last version with nickel bright parts & revolving back. Highest recorded serial number for this model. Lens c.1937
Sanderson De Luxe
Patent, half-plate hand & stand, brass-bound + Zeiss 350mm Protarlinse, 3 brass-bound plate holders, matching (working!) Goerz F.P. shutter attachment + outfit case. Rare De Luxe version. c.1902
Sanderson 'Roll Film Camera',
quarter plate, 120mm Goerz Serie III/0 Doppel-Anastigmat, Bausch & Lomb shutter, red bellows. Rare roll-film Sanderson similar to Cartridge Kodak. Not listed in McKeown's.
Sanderson 'Tropical' model, quarter plate
+ Goerz 125mm f6.8 Serie III Dagor, Automat shutter. A beautiful example of this attractive tropical camera.
Sanderson 'Tropical' Model, postcard format,
18cm f4.5 Tessar, Compur + 3 matching 'tropical' plate holders with quarter-plate size cut film adapters. c.1912. Rare in this size
Sanderson half-plate field camera,
sold by Lizars (Aberdeen) + Ross Zeiss 141mm f16 Anastigmat
Sands & Hunter half-plate tailboard
+ Ross 10in. Concentric Patent lens
Schmitz & Thienemann Patent-Sport-Reflex,
Meyer 10.5cm f4.5 Trioplan. Rare SLR, c.1930s
Schmitz & Thienemann Uniflex Extra,
6x4.5cm SLR, 7.5cm f4.5 Unar, Pronto + plate holder. Rare small-format SLR - the only one we've sold
Seroco (Sears, Roebuck & Co.), 5x7 folding plate camera,
Wollensak 5x7 Extra Rapid Convertible, dark red bellows, polished wood
Shew Xit, qtr. plate
+ H D Taylor's Patent Cooke 4.25x3.25 in. (5.1in) Series V, Bausch & Lomb shutter, extension back + 6 plate holders
Sida subminiature 'Gift Set'.
camera, film, case, instructions, sales leaflet, sample prints & price label. A similar German made version of this set appeared in German Sida literature but we can find no printed reference to the British made version of the gift set. This is the only one we've seen.
Sinclair Traveller Una,
(2.5x3.5in.), Ross 8in f11 Combinable lens, NS Perfect shutter + 6 plate holders & original Sinclair case. Very rare camera - the rarest Una model - made of Duralumin. We have buyers waiting for this model - please let us know if you have one for sale
Sinclair Una Deluxe No.2,
5x4, triple extension, 'hand-sewn' brown leather + Cooke 7.5in. f6.3 Series III + original Sinclair leather case. The Deluxe cameras appear to be much rarer than the tropical version. Beautiful camera in superb condition.
Sinclair Una Tropical,
5x4 + Ross 4.75 f4.5 Xpres, NS Perfect shutter + original Sinclair leather case. Beautiful tropical camera in superb condition.
Sinclair Una, 2.25 x 3.25 in. + Zeiss 22cm Protarlinse VII
+ cap, NS 'Perfect' shutter + case. Rare in this size and with top-quality lens. Very hard to find in this condition
Sipe (Germany) 7x50 binocular camera,
'built-in' Pentax Auto-110 + 70mm f2.8. Extremely rare - this is the only example we know of. It was sold at Westlicht 25-5-13 and we subsequently purchased it
Soho Tropical Reflex
3 1/4 x 4 1/4 + 18cm f4.5 Tessar + 3 tropical plate holders & matching film pack adapter. Beautiful tropical camera in polished teak with red bellows, focusing hood & focusing screen back. Superb condition
Start (Ikkosha) 35 K-II,
bakelite camera, uses Bolta film + box & hood. Box says, 'with FOOD'
(Riken Optical Industry, Ltd., Tokyo) Model IIIA + 25mm f3.5 Stekinar + yellow filter + 40mm f5.6 Steky-Tele + clip-on finder mask + leather cases, wooden boxes and instructions. Complete outfit in beautiful condition.
Stereo Realist Custom,
35mm f2.8 'rare-earth' lenses + presentation box & instructions. The rare 'Custom' version with original box
Stirn (C.P.Stirn) Concealed Vest Camera,
No.1. Rare 'Detective' camera for 6 exposures on 5in. circular glass plates. c.1886-1892
Suddeutsches Camerawerk Korner & Mayer
(predecessor of Nettel) Nettel 9x12cm, c.1907 version, Goerz 120mm f6.8 Serie III Dagor 'Emil Wunsche Nachf. Max Gnausch Graz' label. Rare early Nettel
Superflex Baby
(Kiko-do, Japan), later model + 65mm f3.2 Super-Anastigmat. Rare 4x4cm 127 SLR
Tessina L, red
+ brief instructions guide, film cassette + presentation box. Beautiful Swiss made, subminiature twin lens reflex using 35mm film in special cassettes. Rare red version with box, in near mint condition.
Thornton-Pickard Duplex Ruby 'Overseas' (tropical),
qtr. plate + Ross 6in. f4.5 Xpres + cap + 3 matching 'tropical' plate holders. Very rare tropical reflex in beautiful condition. This is much rarer than the Marion Tropical Reflex
Thornton Pickard Duplex Ruby Reflex,
6.5x9cm + Ross 136mm f3.5 Xpres. Fitted with Stevens Focusing Screen + 4 plate holders + T.P. magnifier + case. The Duplex Ruby Reflex is much less common than the Junior Special & Special Ruby Reflex cameras
Thornton-Pickard Nimrod Automan,
qtr. plate, Beck Symmetrical lens, T-P Panoptic shutter, red bellows. Rare camera with unusual shutter
Thornton-Pickard Ruby,
quarter plate, 5in. f6.5 Ruby Anastigmat, T-P shutter + 3x T-P plate holders & rare T-P clip-on viewfinder. Beautifully made qtr. plate field camera.
Thornton-Pickard Ruby Horizontal Reflex,
6.5x9cm, Dallmeyer 4 1/8th f4.5 Anastigmat + original case. Rare small SLR in full working order
Thornton-Pickard Royal Ruby,
half-plate + T.T.H. 6.5 x 4.75 (7.35in.) R.R., lens engraved 'Sold by R. Love & Co. Paisley' + T-P shutter & bulb release. Later version with brass binding on bottom corners. Beautifully made field camera, the top of the Thornton-Pickard range
Thornton-Pickard Triple Imperial,
half-plate + Aldis No.7 f7.7 Anastigmat + cap + T-P Royal shutter, 2x T-P plate holders, T-P tripod & original instruction book. Very hard to find in this condition and with rare 'Royal' shutter
Thowe tropical plate camera,
9x12cm, 13.5cm f4.5 Rodenstock Trinar, Ibsor shutter, brown bellows, + 4 plate holders, film-pack adapter + case. The camera is not marked with the maker's name but is identical to those made by Thowe. (Thanks Dieter!). c.1925. Beautiful 'tropical' camera in superb condition
Tokyo Optical Co. 5cm f1.5 Simlar,
Leica screw mount. Rare Summarit 'copy'
Topcon Super DM
+ 50mm f1.8 RE GN Topcor. The last of the 'real' Topcons, introduced in 1975. A professional system camera designed to compete with Nikon & Canon.
Tower 22, Asahiflex IIA name variant
+ 50mm f3.5 Takumar
Toyoca 35
(Tougodo), 'side-by-side' 35mm TLR, 4.5cm f3.5 Owla + cap & case. Rare & unusual camera in superb condition. Full working order & guaranteed. c.1955
Ucaflex + 5cm f1.9 Ucalux
+ case. Rare & unusual SLR with direct vision & finder + mirror for focusing. c.1951
Underwood (E & T Underwood, Birmingham) 'The Club',
Underwood's Patent, half-plate field camera, Benetfink & Co. Seller's label + Underwood Rapid Rectilinear '1/2 Plate' lens + 1 plate holder & London Camera Exchange (Cheapside, London) case
Underwood (E & T Underwood, Birmingham) 'The Salon',
Underwood's Patent, half-plate field camera + Beck Symmetrical lens in T-P shutter + 3 plate holders
Un-named British 6.5x9cm 'aerial' camera,
looks similar to small Ensign/Kershaw SLR but with frame finder and no reflex viewing. Revolving back & corresponding revolving mask in frame finder, Aldis f6 No.2 Anastigmat, Koilos shutter. Presumably a special order item as it appears to be factory built. We can find no information about this camera.
Un-named (Sinclair?) tropical
hand & stand, 2.5x3.5in. + 12cm f4.5 Tessar, Compur + case
V.N. 'Prototype' Technical camera,
quarter-plate, red leather body covering & bellows + 135mm f4.7 Xenar, Synchro-Compur-P. 'At the end of WWII, Peeling & Van Neck had a further model of press camera at the development stage; this time based on a drop-baseboard design, and with a built-in rangefinder and interchangeable lenses. This was in production from around 1958 (9x12cm size), and incorporating both a FP shutter and a leaf shutter on the lens. They also produced a prototype model with only the front shutter but this never reached the production stage' (British Camera Makers, Norman Channing & Mike Dunn, 1995). Christie's sold three of these ‘prototype’  Technical Cameras, 2 with red leather & one in black, in The British Camera 1840-1960 - Jim Barron Collection sale in December 2002. The serial numbers of two of the cameras were D108 & D113 (the 3rd number is not recorded). We have subsequently sold D108 & D113. This camera is serial number D103, which indicates very low production. This camera, the three sold at Christie's and no.D102 which we currently (May 2024) have for sale, are the only VN Technical cameras of this type known.
Verascope F40 stereo
(Jules Richard, Paris), c.1955 version, 40mm f3.5 Berthiot Flor lenses. 'Generally considered to be one of the best stereo cameras and not often found for sale'. McKeown's Price Guide to Antique & Classic Cameras, 12th edition.
Viscawide 16 ST-D
+ case. Unusual 16mm swinging-lens panoramic subminiature camera, introduced in 1961 by the Taiyo Optical Company
Vivitar 50th Anniversary (1938-1988) lens set:
'No.44 of 50' gold finish Series 1 28-105mm f2.8-3.8 PKA + Series 1 70-210mm f2.8-4 PKA + caps & wooden presentation box. Limited Edition set in almost new condition
Voigtlander Bergheil 9x12cm,
15cm f4.5 Heliar, Compur. With a professionally fitted Hugo Meyer coupled rangefinder. The only one we have seen
Voigtlander Bessa 466,
7.5cm f3.5 Heliar, Compur-Rapid. Very rare dual-format folder. Format is changed by rotating dial on top-plate, without opening the camera. Only 476 manufactured
Voigtlander Bessa II, very early,
10.5cm f4.5 Heliar, coated, Compur-Rapid. Very rare early Bessa II - with 10.5cm Heliar (not 105mm Color-Heliar), round rangefinder window, black-faced shutter, no studs for accessory shoe, etc. We have never seen or sold this version before
Voigtlander Bessa II, 105mm f4.5 Apo-Lanthar
+ case. We have sold several of these cameras recently but they have not appeared on our website as we have buyers waiting. Please contact us if you have one for sale!
Voigtlander Bessa II, dual format version,
105mm f3.5 Color-Heliar, Synchro-Compur + 6x4.5 mask + case. Rare 6x9/6x4.5cm version with swing over viewfinder mask
Voigtlander Bessamatic + 50mm 2.8 Color-Skopar + left-handed release,
145/26. Full working order. With the very rare left-handed release - the only one we've seen
Voigtlander Brunsviga,
10x12.5cm on rollfilm or 9x12cm on plates, 14cm f6.8 Collinear III, Kolios, red bellows. Very rare - the only one we've seen
Voigtlander Heliar camera,
3rd version, 15cm f4.5 Heliar, Compound + 5 plate holders, film pack adapter, yellow filter & wooden case with metal plaque with 'Voigtlander Heliar' engraving. This is the very rare 3rd version of the Heliar camera and is the only one we have seen. This actual camera is comprehensively described and pictured in 'Voigtlander Matters' Number 22 (Autumn 1999/2000)
Voigtlander Heliar Reflex
(Vida Reflex), 9x12cm, 18cm f4.5 Heliar. Rare - the first one we have sold
Voigtlander Prominent 6x9,
10.5cm f4.5 Heliar + original case & braided strap. This rare camera is in almost 'as new' condition and in full working order - the best we have seen in over 20 years
Voigtlander Prominent pre-production prototype + 50mm f2 Ultron.
Very rare pre-production prototype: 'cover cap' built into top-plate in front of shutter release - see Prochnow Report 1, page 54 - no body number, flash sync. socket in different place (new stamping of front panel required for production model to accommodate flash sync.), no 'customs seal' mount, no facility for mounting accessory shoe attachment. 'The prototypes had no facility for a shoe'. ('Voigtlander Prominent Cameras', Voigtlander Verein Monograph 2003). The same publication also states, 'During 1950 Voigtlander made 16 Prominent cameras, which were pre-production models'. This camera is very likely to be one of those 16
Voigtlander Prominent
(accessory shoe version) + 50mm f1.5 Nokton + case, box & instructions. Full working order.
Voigtlander Prominent II
+ 50mm f1.5 Nokton. Full working order
Voigtlander Rollfilm camera, 5x8cm,
8.3cm f4.5 Heliar, Compur. Uncommon, small-format folding camera with top-quality lens. The 9x14cm version is shown for size comparison
Voigtlander Vitessa (125/A1, 1950), 50mm f2 Ultron, rare 'dummy' display model,
engraved, 'Attrappe', 'Dummy' & 'Factice' on base. Fitted with working Synchro-Compur (sticking slow speeds) but with front & rear glass of finder only, no rangefinder optics and only front elements of lens. This first version (non-removable back) is not usually fitted with a Synchro-Compur shutter but we know of two other first version 'Dummy' cameras with Synchro-Compur shutters. All have serial numbers beginning 3360
Voigtlander Vito B
(Model 1, Prontor-SVS), 50mm f3.5 Color-Skopar + instructions, inspection certificate, box & outer box. With the original box & the very rare outer box, with matching number
Voigtlander Vito B + left-handed release:
Vito B (Model 1, first version), 50mm f3.5 Color-Skopar. With very rare left-handed release. This is only the second one we have seen and the first we have sold
Voigtlander Vito BR,
50mm f2.8 Color-Skopar. Like the classic Vito B but with added coupled rangefinder. Rare - the number produced (11,100) was equivalent to less than 2% of Vito B production (569,000). c.1958-60
Watson Alpha
(W. Watson & Sons, 313 High Holborn, London) qtr. plate + Voigtlander 15cm f6.8 Collinear III, Koilos shutter, 6 brass-bound plate holders + original Watson case.
Watson (W. Watson & Sons, 313 High Holborn, London), brass-bound (tropical) half-plate hand & stand camera
+ Watson 6.5 in. (10.25 in., 12.25 in.). Series I Holostigmat + cap. Beautiful & rare 'tropical' camera
W. Watson & Sons half-plate tailboard
+ Watson 6 1/2 x 4 3/4 inch RR lens + cap, 3 d.d.s. & original case with Watson label. Beautiful camera outfit in superb condition
Watson (W. Watson & Sons, 313 High Holborn, London) half-plate tailboard,
brass-bound + Ross 11.25 in. (6.5 in.) f11 convertible lens + cap + 3 matching brass-bound plate holders + spare (uncut) lens panel. This is the best condition tailboard camera we have ever seen - it doesn't appear to have been used
W. Watson & Sons half-plate tailboard,
brass bound + '6 1/2 x4 3/4' Watson R.R. + 2 double dark slides + original Watson outfit case. Beautifully made camera in superb condition. This camera was loaned to Amateur Photographer Magazine and appeared in their 125th Anniversary issue (10-10-09)
Welta Superfekta
folding TLR, 10.5cm f3.8 Tessar, Compur-Rapid. Rare & unusual 6x9cm folding TLR with rotating back
Wester Autorol,
7.5cm f3.5 Wescon, coupled rangefinder + case, box & instructions. Near mint. Rare and hard to find in this condition
Widelux FVI,
26mm f2.8 + case & box. 140 degree panoramic camera for 24x59mm images on 35mm. The rarest version - only approximately 1500 manufactured - in almost as new condition
Widelux F6,
chrome, 26mm f2.8. 140 degree panoramic camera producing 24x59mm images on 35mm film. Full working order & guaranteed. Rare - probably less than 2000 chrome F6 cameras were manufactured
Widelux F6B,
26mm f2.8 + case & box. 140 degree panoramic camera for 24x59mm images on 35mm film. Rare - only approximately 2000 manufactured
Widepan PRO II
140 degree panoramic camera, 50mm x110mm images on 120, 50mm f3.8 + close-up kit, strap, instructions & box
Wiko (Konrad Kohnlein, Nuremberg) Standard subminiature,
Laack Meniske 3cm f11. Very rare subminiature with focal-plane shutter
Wrayflex I + 50mm f2 Unilite
+ case. Serial number 1504. According to John Wade (The Wrayflex Story, 2008 - see Bookshop), this is probably the first production Wrayflex camera. Numbers 1501, 1502 & 1503 being pre-production prototypes. Sadly we sold this camera before taking a picture of it!
Wrayflex 'Ib' Prototype
+ 50mm f2 Unilite. This camera is based on the Wrayflex Ia but with additional mirrors to give a corrected viewfinder image (the right way up and the right way round). It's pictured on the front cover of Photographica World (No.112 2005/2). John Wade's article 'The Wrayflex that never was' in the same issue describes the camera in detail. It's also pictured and described in John Wade's book ('The Wrayflex Story', 2008). We bought it with an additional lens - a prototype 13.5cm f4 Wray Lustrar. This camera is the only known example. Picture copyright John Wade
Wrayflex II + 50mm f2 Unilite
+ box, case & instructions. The rare pentaprism version of the Wrayflex - reportedly only approximately 350 manufactured - with rare original box
Emil Wunsche Kosmos,
f7.2 Mars-Anastigmat No.1. Rare and complex box-form plate camera with removable magazine back, sector shutter & front movements. This is the first one we have seen
(ZEH), folding TLR, 7.5cm f3.5 Xenar, Compur-Rapid shutter. Unusual and rare camera
Zeiss (Carl Zeiss Jena) Magnar-Kamera,
80cm f10 Fern-Objectiv. Very rare camera designed around the 80cm telephoto lens. The only one we have sold.
Zeiss (Carl Zeiss Jena) Universal-Palmos,
13x18cm + 300/350mm Protarlinse IV, Compound shutter + 6 plate holders & case. Rare camera - the only one we have sold
Zeiss Contarex Special
+ 50mm f2 Planar. Rare Contarex with interchangeable finders. Only 3,000 were manufactured. c.1960
Zeiss Contarex Professional
+ 50mm f2.8 Tessar. The rarest Contarex model - only 1500 were manufactured. c.1967/8
Zeiss 16mm f2.8 F-Distagon T* for Contarex
+ caps. Very rare - only one batch of 150 lenses (numbered 5573341-5573490) was manufactured. c.1973
Zeiss 18mm f4 Distagon for Contarex
+ rose focusing screen, B96 adapter ring + original 23.1007 case. c.1967. Rare lens - only 1,683 were manufactured
Zeiss 50mm f4 S-Planar Macro,
black + cap & keeper with matching number, for Contarex. Condition 3/D. Very rare lens in near mint condition. Only 200 black lenses were manufactured. c.1966
Zeiss 85mm f2 Sonnar, all black version,
for Contarex + keeper. c.1973. Rare version with black focusing grip
Zeiss 85mm f1.4 Planar T* for Contarex
+ caps & case. Very rare - only one batch of 400 lenses (numbered 5771076-5771475) was manufactured. c.1974. Do you have one for sale? Please contact us - we have buyers waiting for these lenses
Zeiss 400mm f5.6 Tele-Tessar for Contarex
+ caps, grip & case. Very rare - only 366 manufactured. c.1970/1
Zeiss Ikon dealer display stand for Contaflex TLR,
Nettax + Movikon-K 16. This original Zeiss display stand - only the second one we've seen - is in beautiful condition. It includes display cards for the Contaflex TLR, Nettax & Movikon K-16.
Zeiss Contaflex TLR (Twin Lens Contaflex) + 5cm f1.5 Sonnar
+ cap, case & instructions. Full working order including exposure meter. Very hard to find in this condition
Zeiss Contaflex TLR (Twin Lens Contaflex) + 5cm f2 Sonnar
+ original 'presentation' box
Zeiss Contaflex TLR (Twin Lens Contaflex) + 5cm f2 Sonnar,
case, instructions & rare original box. With very rare original box. Peter Loy examined this camera, but didn't buy it, when it was sold by Christie's in February 2006 for 1920 GBP, though we did buy it several years later
Zeiss 3.5cm f2.8 Biogon for twin-lens Contaflex
(TLR), scaled in feet + cap, pouch & box. Very rare lens - much rarer than the Contaflex fit 8.5cm & 13.5cm lenses. c.1936
Zeiss 8.5cm f2 Sonnar for twin-lens Contaflex
(TLR), scaled in feet, boxed. From a batch completed on November 14th 1936. Rare lens - especially with feet engraving
Zeiss Contax I (E or type 6) + 5cm f1.5 Sonnar
 + worn case + instructions, depth of focus tables & rare 63-page catalogue, ‘The Connoisseur and the Contax’. With rarer f1.5 Sonnar. c.1934/35
Zeiss Contax I (F or version 7) + 5cm f3.5 Tessar
+ cap & case. Very hard to find in this condition - one of the best we have seen
Zeiss Contax II + 5cm f2 Sonnar
+ cap, case, German instructions & box. Full working order, near mint & boxed. Very hard to find in this condition - the best we have seen
Zeiss Contax II outfit:
Contax II + 3.5cm f2.8 Biogon + 432/5 3.5cm finder + 18cm f6.3 Tele-Tessar K, 436/10 universal finder for 5cm, 8.5cm, 13.5cm + 18cm, 436/5 'prism brilliant viewfinder for 5cm lenses' with magnifier, 433/24 5cm Albada finder + filters + 1787/3 outfit case
Zeiss Ikon Contax IIa black-dial 'Anniversary'
+ 50mm f2 Sonnar, serviced. This model, with the 'Zeiss Ikon' logo above the self-timer, is part of small series of 1951/2 cameras possibly issued to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the founding of Zeiss Ikon.
Zeiss Contax IIa
coloured-dial + 50mm f2 Sonnar + cap, case, 'presentation' box & instructions. Very hard to find in this near mint condition. With rare cream 'presentation' box. c.1953/54
Zeiss Contax IIIa
coloured-dial + 50mm f1.5 Sonnar + cap, case, box & instructions. Superb condition and with original box. c.1954/55
Zeiss (Carl Zeiss Jena) 25mm f4 Topogon,
for Contax. Very rare wide-angle lens for Contax
Zeiss 2.8cm f8 Tessar for Contax,
chrome + 432/3 2.8cm finder, all chrome + leather pouch & original box. c.1938. The all-chrome finder is very rare. According to Hans-Jurgen Kuc (On the Trail of Contax Volume I), 'only one is known to exist'. However, this is the second one we have sold...
Zeiss 4 1/4 cm f2 Biotar,
for Contax + caps. Very rare lens - only 2 serial number batches were allocated, totaling 250 lenses. This is from the second batch numbered 2404801-2404900, 'completed' on 25-10-38
Zunow 5cm f1.1 S-Zunow for Contax
rangefinder + caps, case & Zunow UV filter engraved 50/1.1. Rare fast lens
Zeiss 8.5cm f2 Sonnar, black
+ caps & box. c.1935. Serviced & guaranteed. Rare black lens for Contax
Zeiss 18cm f2.8 'Olympia' Sonnar, for Contax
+ Flektoskop + cap, lens hood + cable release & (worn) connecting release. Condition: 18cm & hood. From a batch of 120 lenses completed on March 8th 1939. With the very rare lens hood – we’ve never sold one before
Zeiss 30cm f8 Tele-Tessar K, for Contax,
direct mount + focusing screen adapter & hood. From a batch numbered 1453681-1453700 completed on December 18th 1933. This lens is numbered 1453699, no. 1453697 is pictured in Zeiss Historica, Volume 24, No.1 Spring 2002.   Very rare lens - only 102 manufactured
Zeiss 30cm f4 Sonnar, for Contax
 + Flektoskop + cap, cable release & connecting release. Thiele lists only 100 lenses exclusively for Contax: The first batch of 60 numbered 2427341-2427400 and a second batch of 40 numbered 2444251-2444290, both batches listed as completed on October 20th 1938. This lens is the first one in the first batch.  The only other one we can find online is heavily modified and also from the first batch and numbered 2427388. We have never sold one before
Zeiss 50cm f8 Fernobjektiv, for Contax,
 direct mount + hood, 50cm finder, 436/13, focusing screen adapter & fitted case with Wallace Heaton, 127 New Bond Street, London, seller’s transfer. Very rare lens. Thiele lists only two batches of this version (later versions were for Flektoskop and are also very rare), a batch of 50 numbered 1519601-1519650 completed on April 23rd 1934 and a batch of 50, from which this lens is from, numbered 1680901-1680950 and completed on May 13th 1935. We have never sold one before. The viewfinder was sold separately and is extremely rare
Zeiss Panflex Reflex Housing 5522/23 + 115mm f3.5 Tessar,
for Contax + cable releases. Only 623 115mm Contax fit lenses were manufactured. c.1957
Zeiss Stereotar C outfit:
3.5cm f4 Stereotar-C + cap + prism attachment, 543/70 + cap + 'Stereo' viewfinder 543/30 + finder mask + 543/071 outfit case. Extremely rare war-time f4 version, not the later f3.5 version.
Zeiss Contessa 35, 533/24,
45mm f2.8 'T' coated Opton Tessar, Synchro-Compur + case, box & instructions. With hard-to-find original box
Zeiss Contessa 35, 533/24, grey,
45mm f2.8 'T' coated Opton Tessar, Synchro-Compur + rare 1217/24 case for camera, lens hood & filter. There is no information about how many or for what purpose these rare grey cameras were made. One theory is that they were presented as gifts by the factory. In 25 years we have only sold 2 of these cameras, and seen only one other example. This camera is pictured in Photo Deal no. 69 (II/2010)
Zeiss Duchessa,
4.5x6cm, 7.5cm f4.5 Tessar, Compur. Rare small format camera
Zeiss Hologon
+ grip, graduated filter, case, cable & cap. Rare extreme wide-angle camera - only 1400 manufactured.
Zeiss Ikoflex III, 853/16 pre-production prototype 'VK 770',
8cm f2.8 Tessar. This camera, the only known example, is pictured in McKeown's (12th edition, page 1051) and in 'Zeiss and Photography' by Larry Gubas (page 466). Gubas captions it as the 'VK77' prototype but there is an additional 'o' or part of a '6' after 'VK77' - see pictures. The camera was bought by Peter Loy at Christie's, South Kensington, March 18th 1999 (lot number 121, not catalogued as a prototype) and sold to a European collector. We recently bought it back from the same collector
Zeiss Ikonta A, 520, 'for China',
7cm f3.5 Tessar, Compur-Rapid, engraved 'for China' inside back and with Made in Germany (in Chinese) badge on side.
Zeiss Night Kolibri,
4.5cm f2 Biotar, Compur. Very rare. Less than 750 4.5cm Biotar lenses were made and they were also fitted to the Baldina & the Pilot Reflex
Zeiss Nettax outfit:
Body + 5cm f2.8 Tessar + cap + 10.5cm f5.6 Triotar (boxed) + cap + 433/41 5cm & 10.5cm albada finder. With the very rare accessory finder & 10.5cm Triotar - only 202 were manufactured
Zeiss Super-Ikonta A,
530, 7cm f3.5 Tessar + box & instructions. With unusual original box, presumably early. The boxes are normally red with gold lettering.
Zeiss Super-Ikonta B,
532/16, 8cm f2.8 Tessar, Compur-Rapid. With maker's case, box, instructions (09/38) & original invoice dated June 27th 1940. Near mint condition and with original box. This is the best Super-Ikonta B we have seen. The lens is part of a batch completed on September 2nd 1938
Zeiss Ikon Super Six,
530/16, 8cm f2.8 Tessar. Rare c.1936 name variant of the Super-Ikonta B
Zeiss Super-Ikonta C,
531/2, 105mm f3.5 'T' coated Opton Tessar, Synchro-Compur + 6x4.5 mask, case, box & instructions. The last of the 6x9cm Super-Ikontas in superb condition & with original box.
Zeiss Super-Ikonta C,
531/2, 10.5cm f3.5 Tessar, Compur-Rapid + case, 6x4.5 mask, maker's box & original sales receipt dated August 12th 1938. c.1937. Very hard to find in this condition - the best one we have seen
Zeiss Super-Nettel II,
5cm f2.8 Tessar. Rare - probably less than 2,000 Super-Nettel II cameras were made
Zeiss Tenax II outfit:
body + 4cm f2 Sonnar + 2.7cm f4.5 Orthometar + 432/6 2.7cm finder + 7.5cm f4 Sonnar + 433/17 4& 7.5cm finder + 580/7 7.5cm finder mask. Both accessory lenses and the finders are extremely rare - only 302 2.7cm lenses were manufactured - and we have never seen the finder mask before
Zeiss Rontgen-Tenax (X-Ray Tenax II)
+ cap. Rare Tenax for X-Ray use
Zeiss Trona, 210/5,
13.5cm f4.5 Tessar, Compur + film pack adapter, 3 plate holders (in original packaging), 1.5 Proxar (with instructions), yellow filter, original instructions, exposure guide & Zeiss Ikon swing-ticket with matching number. Full working order
Zeiss Tropen Adoro,
230/3, 6.5x9cm, 10.5cm 4.5 Tessar, Compur + 3 matching plate holders + box & instructions. Beautiful tropical camera
Zeiss Victrix 101,
6x4.5cm, 7.5cm f4.5 Tessar, Compur + 3 plate holders & case. Rare small-format plate camera - the first one we've sold. See comparison picture with Trona
Zenit 5 + 50mm f2.8 Vega-3
with prism and waist level finders. The first 35mm SLR with a built-in motor (despite what you may read about the c.1970 Minolta SR-M). Manufactured c.1964-68, this one dates from 1965. Only 11,616 were manufactured (compared to over 3 million Zenit E's)
Zenit 6 + 37-80mm f2.8 Rubin-1 Voigtlander Zoomar copy,
interchangeable finders. Manufactured c.1964-68, this one dates from 1968. Only 8,930 were manufactured
5cm Alphamat. This extremely rare British made metal 35mm camera is not listed in McKeown's and nothing is known about the manufacturer. Information welcomed!