V.N. ‘Prototype’ Technical camera,

Blue Flamingo Support

quarter-plate, red leather body covering & bellows + 135mm f4.7 Xenar, Synchro-Compur-P. ‘At the end of WWII, Peeling & Van Neck had a further model of press camera at the development stage; this time based on a drop-baseboard design, and with a built-in rangefinder and interchangeable lenses. This was in production from around 1958 (9x12cm size), and incorporating both a FP shutter and a leaf shutter on the lens. They also produced a prototype model with only the front shutter but this never reached the production stage’ (British Camera Makers, Norman Channing & Mike Dunn, 1995). Christie’s sold three of these ‘prototype’  Technical Cameras, 2 with red leather & one in black, in The British Camera 1840-1960 – Jim Barron Collection sale in December 2002. The serial numbers of two of the cameras were D108 & D113 (the 3rd number is not recorded). We have subsequently sold D108 & D113. This camera is serial number D103, which indicates very low production. This camera, the three sold at Christie’s and no.D102 which we currently (May 2024) have for sale, are the only VN Technical cameras of this type known.