Leica IIIf outfit:

Blue Flamingo Support

IIIf black-dial body + inspection tag, 5cm f2 Summitar, 3.5cm f3.5 Summaron, 5cm f3.5 Elmar, 9cm f4 Elmar, black & chrome, coated, ‘VIOOH’ finder, ‘SBOOI’ finder, ‘SGVOO’ finder, ‘AYOOC’ waist level viewfinder – rare version with swing-over lens for 3.5cm, ‘WINTU’ right-angle finder, ‘NOOKY’ near focusing device, ‘APDOO’ delayed-action (self-timer), ‘FARUX’ panoramic tripod head, rare ‘FAROS’ 3.5cm ring for FARUX, ‘KGOON’ large ball & socket head, rare ‘SDOOG’ quick-release tripod head, ‘FOOKH’, black lens hood for 3.5cm Elmar & Summaron (rare in black), ‘FIKUS’ lens hood, ‘VALOO’ lens hood & iris adjusting ring, ‘SOOPD’ lens hood, ‘FIAVI’ angle bracket, ‘DOOLU’ spirit level, black, ‘FINOT’ cable release, ‘OPKOM’ cable release, ‘CEYOO’ flash, Metraphot meter, 4x ‘FILCA’ cassettes, rare ‘POOLN’ A36 swing-out polarising filter, rare ‘POORE’ polarising filter for Summitar, + 16 additional Leitz filters, all in fitted leather case. Complete with 25 original invoices from Wallace Heaton, Dollonds, Camera Centre, Campkins etc. for most of the individual items, mainly from 1950/51, the latest dated August 1982. A very comprehensive outfit in beautiful condition