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Buying an item without first seeing it can be a gamble and it probably stops many people from buying by mail order or on the Internet.  Fortunately, we know how to check and grade cameras and, if we sell you an item that is not accurately described, we fully expect you to return it to us for a refund. 

For the last 20 years we have used a condition grading system based on the McKeown’s/PCCGB system (explained below). We have found this to be the most comprehensive way of describing both the cosmetic condition and the working condition of an item.

Note: If an item is in any way faulty (slow speed sticking etc.), has marked optics or indentations, it will be described as such.  
If you would like further information about any item, please contact us.

Cosmetic Condition
1. Mint, i.e. 100% as new, no marks at all, absolutely perfect.
3. Near mint. Very minor signs of wear, what many dealers would describe as 'mint'.
4. Signs of light use, "Exc+"
5. Signs of normal use, "Exc"
6. Signs of heavy use

Functional (working) Condition
C. Full working order, serviced, 6 months guarantee
D. Full working order, 6 months guarantee
E. Full working order, checked but not guaranteed
G. Usable but... (all faults described)
H. Not tested
J. Not usable (all faults described)

“The lens just arrived. It's a little gem. Thank you”. F.C. (Switzerland)

“Yesterday I got the book. Thanks for the very friendly and smooth transaction, it was a pleasure dealing with you”. H.S. (Germany)

“The filter arrived in the beginning of the week but I picked it up today. All is good, thank you for your great service!”. K.F. (Sweden)

“Camera received, perfect”. A.B. (UK)

“Just a note to say how pleased I am with my purchase - you under described the condition”. B.P. (UK)

“Just to say I am very pleased with the lens and boxed lens hood. I can see really well with the f1.4 lens and it will be excellent for low level light shots”. D.M. (UK)

“The parcel arrived on Thursday. The lens is very nice and it is in very good condition – better than I expected”. T.S. (Finland)

“Received with thanks. Very quick service to say I paid by BACS at 3:15 yesterday! Impressed”. N.P. (UK)

“Many thanks for the 111g - a beautiful piece of kit. I only hope that I can look after it as well as its previous owner(s)”. D.M. (UK)

“Just a quick message to let you know that the lens arrived safely this morning. It looks nice... I'm very pleased!”. M.N. (UK)

“Both the packages arrived and all the lenses are superb”. A.C. (Hong Kong)

“I have got the Nikon F2 and the Elmar135 today. Very nice, The Nikon is nearly as new. Thank you very much”. V.K. (Sweden)

“The camera is lovely! It looks like the only spot of wear came from opening the case. Thanks!”. K.I. (USA)

“The OUFRO ring arrived safely this morning, thank you. This is the first time I have dealt with you, and I must express my sincere thanks and satisfaction. Firstly, your grading of the item was much lower that I would have marked, it is virtually as brand new, and secondly, next day delivery could not be better. I have tested the ring today & it is precisely what I wanted, so cannot wait for better weather!”. D.C. (UK)

“Really pleased with the Leitz 12012 bright-line viewfinder, condition exceeds what I was prepared for and your service and delivery was excellent”. M.L. (UK)

“Many thanks for quick despatch of the Nikkor lens. It arrived safely this morning and I am very pleased with my purchase. It is in really nice condition and I am looking forward to putting it to use”. W.C. (UK)

“Lovely edition of the VIOOH received this morning. Just as described on your site”. J.Y. (UK)

“Many thanks for the delivery of your IIIc camera, it’s great!”. N.C. (UK)

“The lens was safely delivered this morning. It's in excellent condition. Thank you for excellent service, as usual”. D.R. (UK)

“It arrived yesterday morning. I am very pleased; this one has the best shutter action of any Leica that I have tried”. J.W. (UK)

“Periflex arrived yesterday (Tuesday NZ). I am very happy with the camera and your service. Wishing you all the best from New Zealand”. M.R. (New Zealand)

“The lens arrived safely yesterday, thank you, and I'm very pleased with it”. N.F. (UK)

“Many thanks for yet another supersonic delivery. The camera was delivered his morning from the hands of my trusty postie. As ever, it completely met the immaculate description you gave it on your website. Many thanks”. D.C. (UK)

“Many thanks for the excellent lens which safely arrived this morning”. D.R. (UK)

“The object of my dreams came in just a few minutes ago (at 1 pm local sharp). I must say, your packaging could easily resist a nuclear attack... So much, the better, for I've had some sloppy parcels from the UK in the past”. S.M. (Belgium)

“Just got the Hexar RF today, it's a really nice camera, thanks again”. K.A. (UK)

“Camera arrived this morning. I'm delighted with the quality; it seems little used even the case has no visible signs of use. The all-Japanese language instruction booklet is amusing too”. I.P. (UK)

“The Elmar arrived just now, very well packed. I am really delighted with the lens, it is even better than you described! Thanks for getting it sent so quickly”. R.B. (UK)

“Many thanks for the cameras they arrived this morning, thanks for a very good service”. T.T. (UK)

“Your parcel has arrived. All very beautiful. The Condor II is really nice, so the collapsible Nikkor”. M.R. (Italy)

“Just a quick response to thank you for the Canon P, body cap and case, which arrived here in fine condition today. I am very grateful”. M.C. (UK)

“Thank you so much for the speedy delivery of the camera. I am thrilled with this little camera which is in amazingly fine condition, especially considering its age”. G.D. (UK)

“The 1f arrived safely thanks and seems in good condition (and very nicely compact). Actually my very first Leica (though I got it to go with a couple of L39 lenses I have already) so a special day!!”. K.B. (UK)

“I would just like to confirm the safe arrival of the S2. I am absolutely delighted with this camera. I can't put it down as to me it is the 'Holy Grail". The condition is really outstanding and your description was very accurate as was your service and advice”. K.W. (UK)

“Received Bessa 2 promptly as usual. It’s a great camera which, when combined with a great service, adds up to a wonderful buying experience”. K.L. (UK)

“The Mamiya arrived very quickly and exceeds my expectations. Nice, for once, to pay good money and get quality in return....Thank You”. M.S. (Australia)

“Just want to let you know that the camera arrived today OK. Nice item! Thanks for the quick and hassle free transaction”. H.S. (Germany)

“The lens arrived today and I am very pleased with it. Thanks”. J.E. (UK)

“The Leica 28mm Elmarit ASPH you sold me is a little stunner, the condition and performance is truly top drawer, many thanks indeed. Dare I say compared to what others are asking you possibly undersold it”. R.C. (UK)

“I received very rare lens. I'm quite satisfied. I'm looking forward to the next dealings. Thank you very much”. S.K. (Japan)

“Camera received and I'm very pleased with it”. J.S. (Belgium)

“I picked up my tripod at the post office today. Everything from the product to the package is in a great shape. I appreciate the business with you. Thank you”. D.L. (Hong Kong)

“Just to say: thank you very much for the fantastic Noctilux. I am absolutely thrilled by it”. A.M. (UK)

“Fastest shipping I ever experienced. Camera is mintier than mint, like it just left the factory. Coupled with the new Zeiss Distagon 35mm 1.4 ZM lens, it will be an unbeatable combo. I am overjoyed ! Thank you so much”. S.M. (Belgium)

“Just a quick note to thank you for sending the Canon 35mm rangefinder lens, which arrived safely this morning. As with the other items I've bought from you recently, the on-line description was very accurate and honest, which is very much appreciated. It looks to be a lovely lens, so I'm rather looking forward to using it”. M.W. (UK)

“The blue CORONET MIDGET arrived today in good shape. I am quite happy with its condition and very pleased with and grateful for your friendly and efficient service, e.g. quick shipping, safe packaging... THANK YOU … until next time”. G.C. (Germany)

“Thank you very much, picked up the camera this morning, condition is fantastic”. D.O. (UK)

“Thank you so much for the swift dispatch of the Nikon S2... It's a lovely camera and exactly as described”. M.W. (UK)

“Just a quick note to say thanks for speedy delivery, Canon P is in truly excellent condition and works like new - not bad for 53 years old - brilliant!”. N.M. (UK)

“The Elmar lens arrived this afternoon and it's everything I hoped it would be. It looks fantastic on my M4. It has been a pleasure to do business with you again”. L.M. (UK)

“Just a quick note to confirm that the Leotax has arrived safely. Many thanks for the quick delivery, I am very pleased with the camera”. S.C. (UK)

“The boxed M6 ERC case arrived safely. Thanks. It is in nice condition”. D.A. (Sri Lanka)

“I have recently bought two finders from you. Both have been as described, arrived promptly and been well package. Very pleased ...thank you for the excellent service”. M.M. (UK)

“Thank you for the beautiful IIIc the APDOO and the excellent service! It´s a pleasure to take pictures with it”. N.S. (Iceland)

“Lens arrived safe and sound today. Looks to be absolutely beautiful, and as usual, your rating is very conservative. It amazes me how it has survived intact all these years. Looking forward to trying it out at the weekend”. P.R. (UK)

“I am very pleased with it, and especially the price. All the best bits of my collection have come from you - the Nettax, the Contarex, and now this one. You have done it again!”. G.S. (UK)

“Would just like to thank you for the stunning Minox. I have quite a few cameras in my collection, including a couple of Leica, but I can safely say this is my new favourite. I have wanted one since seeing James Bond use one years ago”. S.B. (UK)

“Just a brief note to confirm safe receipt of the Zeiss 18mm f4 M Mount lens. Fabulous condition, exactly as described and a really nice addition to my kit”. M.J. (UK)

“I felt I had to put finger to keyboard to thank you so much for the Leica M4-2, received yesterday as promised. It is in beautiful condition, far better than expected. Also the packaging was extremely good which ensured it arrived as you sent it. I shall be keeping an eye on your site for my next purchase!” J.H. (UK)

“Thanks for sending the m6 and lens so quickly Peter. I'm so chuffed with it, it's in brilliant condition”. T.W. (UK)

“The Elmar arrived safely yesterday and I am very satisfied with it”. L.T. (France)

“Arrived today, well packed and very fast. Many thanks for your excellent service as ever”. P.K. (UK)

“Item arrived in perfect condition, like new, Thank you very much”. J-N.L. (France)

“Just to let you I collected my Vitessa yesterday and am delighted, exceeded my expectations. Thanks will watch your website”. J.S. (Spain)

“Just to say thank-you for your excellent service. Our order arrived yesterday (Monday) and we were very impressed with both the speed and efficiency of the delivery. The quality of the packaging was second-to-none and we will not hesitate to use your company again”. F & J.H (Spain)

“I got the camera this afternoon. It is really nice and in very good condition, and with plate holders!. Thank you very much!”. J.Y. (UK)

“Thank you very much for your prompt service, excellent postage service and superb packaging. The lens exceeded my expectations – beautiful condition, same for the v/finder – superb!”. D.T. (UK)

“Just thought I'd let you know that the Canon is an absolutely fantastic lens and in great condition too - yet again you are very conservative in your ratings! Thank you very much again also for a great service too - you posted on Friday and it arrived Saturday – brilliant”. P.R. (UK)

“Camera arrived next day and just wanted to thank you for a great tool at such a good price. It makes such a difference to the overall experience when buying kit from a professional - beautifully packaged with everything better than described. Wonderful”. T.W. (UK)

“Just a quick note to say the lens arrived this morning. It is in much better condition than I imagined having seen the photos on your site”. P.D (Sweden)

“Items arrived safely exactly as described. Thanks as always and look forward to purchasing again from you soon!”. D.H. (Australia)

“Thank you very much. I have received my order, the camera box was a positive surprise. everything looked great”. H.J. (Finland)

“I received the adapter today and I'm delighted. I just put my Nikkor 105mm f2.5 on my Alpa 11si and am going to go out and do some shooting”. J.G. (USA)

“Just to let you know that I have received the M3 safely today. It looks very nice indeed - I will take some pictures with it over the next few days”. J.W. (UK)

“The Graflex arrived today in tip top condition. Thanks for the quick and easy deal”. M.J. (UK)

“The lens arrived today. Everything is fine and the lens is perfect. Thank you for your business”. T.G (Germany)

“Fast and efficient service. Everything arrived safe and in good order, the items look like new. Can hardly wait to put some film through the camera”. J.S. (UK)

“I have just received the M2 today. Absolutely lovely camera and much better than portrayed. I will definitely buy from you again and I will be happy to recommend your service”. G.M. (UK)

“The camera has arrived safely yesterday, and what a particularly beautiful one it is! I have to thank you very, very much, also for the thorough packing and fast shipping”. B.M (Germany)

“Just a quick note to say "many thanks" for sending the Mamiya TLR prism which arrived safely (in very impressive packaging) this morning. It looks very good indeed, although whether I'll still be able to lift the camera with it attached is anyone's guess!”. M.W. (UK)

“I was able to collect the Linhof yesterday… I opened the box this afternoon and I was very impressed by the really superb condition of the camera and of course the lenses. My partner was so impressed that he asked me if the camera was new. It appears to be so new, in fact… Again, thank you for being consistent in the description of your items for sale”. M.R. (Thailand)

“Today I've received the parcel, and I'm so satisfied with the quality of these items”. M.K. (Japan)

“Many thanks for sending me the Leica 35mm f2 Summicron-M ASPH lens… Your parcel arrived safely earlier today...
beautifully packed and the contents well insulated from the rigours of the Post Office parcel service. I have unpacked the lens, admired it and tried it on one of my Leica M6 bodies. I am very pleased to have it”. R.S. (UK)

“This is just a quick note to thank you for the Leica IIf "White Dial", thank you kindly for the super fast delivery and first class service you provided to me. My initial impressions of the camera have far exceeded my expectations, it's absolutely beautiful both cosmetically and mechanically a real little treasure. You’re top of my list as where to buy a collectible camera from, knowing that you’re the only dealer I know of that gives 100% accurate and genuine descriptions. I sincerely look forward to placing my future camera collectable purchases, into your safe hands”. J.C. (UK)

“Just to let you know the lens arrived safely and I picked it up this morning. It looks to be a beautiful wee thing, and very smooth indeed! I think your grading is rather conservative actually!”. P.R. (UK)

“I am very happy! Yesterday I received the Bessa II and I am impressed with how well it stood the test of time - bellows, lens, mechanics all excellent, I put some bees wax based leather cream to refresh the bellows leather. This Bessa II is exactly how I wanted it and just loaded Ilford Pan F+ in it!”. G.N. (Bulgaria)

“The lenses had been received, they are in good condition. Thank you very much for the focar filters, I really appreciated it:). Hope that we can do business again soon:)”. K.T. (UK)

“The H&D Actinometer arrived today after a long journey, a welcomed addition to my collection”. R.H. (USA)

“Nikon S2 received this morning. What a splendid machine. Many thanks. Cheers!!”. G.C. (UK)

“I would like to inform you that I got the parcel already. Everything is perfect, exceeding my expectation. Thanks you very much for your business. Hope to deal with you again”. S.T. (Thailand)

“Today I received the back, which is in wonderful condition. Thank you for fast and careful handling of my order”. O.P. (Germany)

“Many thanks for the above lens. It arrived promptly on Saturday 17th and I was quite astounded at its lovely condition - far better than I imagined it would be from the description on your website. The "slight cleaning marks" are invisible to me”. K.A. (UK)

“Many, Many Thanks. I received my lovely Leica M4P this morning. It's in truly great condition, I'm very happy with the shutter speeds and super clean viewfinder”. A.Y (UK)

“Just to say that I finally picked the camera up from Barcelona last week and it is lovely, it was love at first site. I also love the lens, have shot a few plates with it and it is nice and sharp. Many Thanks”. M.L-W. (Spain)

“Just thought I would let you know that the beast arrived a few days ago. What magnificent engineering! Not to mention the exercise one gets in hefting this thing about!”. N.F. (Australia)

“Just wanted to let you know I received my Robot "classic" yesterday. BEAUTIFUL camera, thanks!!!” G.M. (USA)

“I've got already. Thank you! Surely mint!”. H.K. (Japan).

“Lens is superb, very pleased with it. Arrived next day and well packed. Pleasure doing business! Will keep an eye on your stock list”. P.B. (UK)

“I just received items, and they are all nice. This weekend I can go outside with this Rokkor 28mm.
I hope to see you again with such as these nice items.” H.H. (Japan)

 “The "Eagle" has landed - and believe me when I say that I could not be happier. Your description of this piece was far too modest. I can't imagine having a more elegant 35 mm rangefinder camera...”  P.L. (USA)

“Parcel arrived safely, well packed.  Leica lllc /da is beautiful, thank you”. O.H (UK)

“Got the camera, many thanks. It’s just as beautiful as I thought it would be”. T.S. (Finland)

“I have got the parcel today. The camera and books are in an excellent condition, thank you very much.” A.K. (Germany)

“The Realist Custom was delivered today (on Christmas day - surprise!!).  It is a beautiful example and I am very pleased with my purchase”. R.G. (USA)

“Just a note so say thanks very much for the Leica camera and lens which arrived this morning – condition exactly as described. I am very happy with both items” J.E (UK)

“I've received two packages in safely. All of them are beautiful and fine, thank you very much”. M.F. (Japan)

“Both items arrived safely. They are in a good condition. Your grading of the physical state of the items is very truthful”.  J.R. (UK)

“Goods arrived today. Excellent packaging and item in far better condition that I had hoped for”. E.J.B. (New Zealand)

“why not every body "works" like you?? Today this morning I receive the Sibyl it looks really super, a very nice camera…Thanks you made me very very happy”.  G.L.T. (Italy)

“I ordered a lens hood for my Rollie 44 at about 3.45pm last Friday. It arrived about 8.30 am Saturday morning. The condition was, in my opinion, better than described”.  P.A. (UK)

The Kontur is arrived today. It is very nice. That a very exciting viewfinder. Thank you very much. J-C.M. (France)

“I've just picked up the lenshood and it is in beautiful condition!  I wasn't expecting something quite that good!”.  D R (USA)

“Last Monday I received the CONTAX manual that I ordered. Very fast !!! and very good material condition !!!!”. R.C. (Italy)

“The Flektogon lens arrived this morning! It is just as you described it, thank you, and thank you so much for such an excellent service”. D.W.C. (UK)

 “Items ordered arrived this morning at 10:35.All as described. I will be using your services in the future, most definitely”.  B.O. (UK)
“I thank you with the report that an article touched. I am satisfied with the goods which arrived very much. I will order again soon”. M.H. (Japan)

“The parcel arrived on July 4! Very rapid indeed! I also want to thank you for excellent products, superb packing and service! I hope to order from you again”. J-E.L. (Sweden)

“Many thanks for the Rolleicord Art Deco camera which arrived this morning, in lovely condition and just as you described it”. T.C. (UK)

“E41 lens cap safely received, great condition & excellent service - as usual. The Contax 2a Colour Dial & 1.5 Sonnar you supplied some years ago is still giving sterling service”. T.B. (UK)
“The finder and hood arrived yesterday. Really happy with condition and speed of delivery!”.  D.H. (UK)

 “Minox arrived today, many thanks. Better than expected, very pleased with it”. M.F. (UK)

“The case arrived yesterday. I received it today. Looks better than I expected.
Thanks for your expediency”. A.A. (Denmark)

“The camera arrived in good order yesterday and I am DELIGHTED with it. I am amazed at the condition after so long”. I.H. (UK)

“Just to inform you that I received the Leica grip last Friday. It was in great condition. Thanks”.
D.A. (Sri Lanka)

“Parcels arrived and all was in excellent condition. Thank you very much for excellent service”. J.H. (Finland)

“Just a quick note to say thanks for fast posting of the viewfinder which arrived last week. Condition is excellent, thanks again”. G.C.  (UK)

“Just to confirm safe receipt of the Pen F lens today, the condition of which being such that you would have been fully justified in describing as MINT. I look forward to putting it through its' paces and seeing if the reviews are correct! Thanks for your usual good service - you are a pleasure to do business with”. T.B. (UK)

“Thank you very much for sending me the Steky Model IIIB camera and the Shirley-Wellard cassette. The postman brought your beautifully packed parcel this morning and I am very pleased to have both items”. R.S. (UK)

“Just a note to let you know that the camera arrived this morning, thanks. It’s in super condition”. G.P. (UK)

“Received the camera today. It is gorgeous and I am very happy with it. Thank you VERY much”
Dr. K.E.G. (Turkey)

“The Red Dial arrived safely at 0845 this morning, Thursday and my initial feelings are that it is better than I expected, obviously very well cared for and in excellent shape. I will put a few rolls of film through it over the weekend but I really expect it will perform flawlessly”. A.D. (UK)

“Have received the Prominent and Leica meter and I'm very pleased. Both items better than expected”.
D.H. (UK)

“Just a quick message to say thank you for the Olympus OM-1 and Zuiko lens which arrived safely. Am very pleased with it – it looks almost new”. T.W. (UK)

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